Get Started with Transferology: An Onboarding Guide

This article overviews the onboarding process and resources available for colleges and universities implementing Transferology®.

Process Overview

During onboarding, CollegeSource will work with the institution to complete the following:

General Setup Required
Set up the School Profile Required
Establish user accounts for the main School Administrator and Recruiter Required
Input contact emails Required

Retrieve and load equivalencies into Transferology

Institutions supplying rules from uAchieve® will need to install the Transferology Connector before equivalencies can be loaded

Institutions supplying rules from PeopleSoft will need to install the T-Rex Transfer Rule Extractor

Institutions submitting an import file will need to work with the CollegeSource import specialist throughout this process

Equivalency Review & Support
Define YearTerm conversions uAchieve schools only

Review Unknown Source Schools

If needed, establish aliases in Manage Source Schools

Required for institutions supplying rules from uAchieve or PeopleSoft

Review Crosswalk Mappings

If needed, create mappings to display transfer rules

Required for institutions supplying rules from uAchieve or PeopleSoft

Create Glossary Messages

uAchieve institutions can define messages for Target Courses, Alternate Courses, IFlags, and DPMask values

Institutions supplying equivalencies from TES® can define messages for Target Courses and Course Tags

Recommended for all institutions

Create Requirement Categories Recommended
Test equivalencies Required
Final Steps
Create a Program list Recommended
Add a Student Referral Badge/Link Recommended
Go live with equivalencies Required

While the creation of institution landing pages is not a part of the basic setup, School Admins can work on creating a page at any time. See Customize the Transferology Landing Page and Create Institution Landing Pages: An Overview Guide for further details. The landing page can be published after the institution has added a student referral badge/link.

If an institution is part of a state/system and wishes to create or be a part of a state/system landing page, please refer to Create State/System Landing Pages: An Overview Guide and contact CollegeSource for further information.

uAchieve Institutions

Institutions supplying equivalencies from uAchieve® will undergo onboarding in two phases. The first phase will consist of the steps outlined above. Phase II will include:

Program Setup Required
Create & import Programs Required
Create Questions/Answers for use with degree programs Optional
Test degree audits Required
Go live with degree programs Required

See Get Started with Transferology: Considerations for uAchieve Schools for further information about additional steps required for institutions supplying equivalencies from uAchieve.


The following resources are available to assist institutions in onboarding to Transferology®.

Transferology Support

The CollegeSource Support Center provides information to assist institutions with using CollegeSource products.

Transferology Support provides links to both the Transferology and Transferology Lab knowledge bases, where institutions can search Transferology help documentation to find the information needed.

Help Beacon

Institutions can select the Help button on any page within Transferology Lab, wherein various articles about Transferology Lab are available to view and search.

Select Ask to submit a question to CollegeSource staff.

Help Beacon

CollegeSource Staff

During onboarding, CollegeSource staff will work closely with the institution to ensure a successful implementation. As questions occur, they can be directed to

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