Create Transferology Lab User Accounts & Assign Roles

This article provides instructions for creating Transferology® Lab user accounts. Upon onboarding, CollegeSource will create each institution’s first School Admin and Recruiter accounts. This documentation is a reference for the School Admin, who will make all other Lab user accounts at the institution.

User accounts can be created at any time. The School Admin may opt to create users in phases during initial implementation, starting with those who will be helping with testing and then adding additional users once the institution has gone live. There is no limit to the number of Transferology Lab accounts that can be created for/at an institution, nor the number of users who can be assigned a particular role.

Individuals with Transferology Lab accounts are listed on the Users tab of the School Profile. To access this area:

  1. Go to the School Profile menu.
  2. Select School Management.
  3. Select Users.

By default, only active users are displayed. The following information is noted:

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Field Description

Name of the user

Format: First Name + Last Name

Email Email address of the user

State of the user account:




Role(s) assigned to the user:



Transfer Specialist

School Admin

Program Admin

TES Evaluator

Transfer Pathways Admin

State Coordinator

Logins Number of logins
Last Login

Last log in date and time

Format: Month DD, YYYY H:MM:SS AM/PM ET

If the user has never logged into Transferology, this field will be blank

Within this tab, the School Admin can:

  • Search for a user by email address or name;
  • Create a user;
  • Export a list of users;
  • Filter uses by role (Showing); and
  • Edit existing user accounts.

Include inactive users in the user list and search and filter results by unmarking the Active users only checkbox. All users, regardless of status, will appear within the export.

Create a User

Before creating a new user:

To create a new user in Transferology Lab:

  1. Within the Users tab of the School Profile, select +Create User.
  2. Fill in the fields below.
    • If the user exists in TES®, entering an email will populate fields with data from TES.
      • If adjustments are made to data in said fields, both systems will reflect the changes.
  3. Under Role, toggle the box(es) to the left of the user role(s) to be assigned to the individual.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Select Return to Users to be taken back to the Users tab.
New User's Profile screen. Fields described below.
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Field Maximum Field Length Required
Email 90 characters Required
Phone Number 20 characters Required
Job Title 90 characters Required
Salutation 50 characters Optional
First Name 50 characters Required
Last Name 50 characters Required
Suffix 10 characters Optional

90 characters

The address of the user's institution will auto-populate


90 characters

The city in which the user's institution resides will auto-populate



Drop-down menu; the country in which the user's institution resides will auto-select



Drop-down menu; the state in which the user's institution resides will auto-select

Zip Code

10 characters

The zip code of the user's institution will auto-populate


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