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Transferology Lab Documentation

Basic Setup

Importing equivalencies, managing users, and other basic information

14 articles

Landing Pages

Create institution and state/system landing pages

18 articles

Standardized Exams

AP, CLEP, IB, and other standard exams in Transferology

13 articles


Common questions from Transferology subscribers

4 articles

Advising and Recruiting

Equivalencies, course bundles, advising and recruiting students

27 articles

Rule Management

Reports for popular and unknown courses, plus TES equivalencies

30 articles

Program Setup

Setting up and managing your program information

12 articles

uAchieve Schools

Setup instructions for supplying equivalencies and degree audits through uAchieve

9 articles

School Profile

Updating your profile information and links, promoting your school

4 articles


Miscellaneous documentation including military exams

8 articles

On Demand Videos

Popular Features

Demos of the most commonly used features in the Lab

7 articles

User Role Overviews

Demos of what's available based on assigned user role

4 articles

Release Notes

Incident History

1 article

Release Notes

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