Set Up the Transferology School Profile

This article provides an overview of the School Profile in Transferology®. The School Profile is a collection of information and resources that the institution presents within Transferology to help prospective students become acquainted with the college or university and what it has to offer. Students can see aspects of this information when accessing Transferology via a school's customized landing page and see two versions of the profile when seeing how courses transfer to the institution.

CollegeSource will fill out the School Profile for each institution upon onboarding. School Admins can review this document to understand the contents of the School Profile before reviewing and adjusting information or to assist in updating the profile at a later point.

Create the School Profile

The institution profiles seen by students in Transferology® and staff within Transferology® Lab are set up within the Profile Preview tab of the Lab. When a user logs into Transferology Lab, this page loads by default but can also be accessed through the School Profile menu (School Profile > School Management). Towards the bottom left of the page, the dates that the School Profile and the institution's equivalencies were last updated are noted.
Transferology Lab Profile Preview tab. The contents of the Transferology full profile are described above.
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CollegeSource will fill out this profile for each institution upon onboarding. The institution will be asked to review the profile and make any needed changes. Institutions using T-Rex to supply transfer rules from PeopleSoft will see one additional tab, called "API Access", across the top of the profile.

What Is a School Profile?

As noted above, the School Profile is where colleges and universities can house and share information about the institution with students researching transfer options. Information within the profile can help students learn about the institution’s:

    • Location;
    • Size;
    • Cost of attendance;
    • Application process; and
    • Resources.

Institution Landing Page

Students accessing Transferology® via an institution's customized landing page will see the following aspects of the School Profile, all without having to log into Transferology. These elements are described further below.

Callouts highlight pieces of the School Profile seen within an institution landing page. These include the Banner image, School Type and Year Type, number of undergrads, Tuition and Fees, Information Links, and Location.

Profile Snapshot

Within Transferology®, when students select an institution to view how courses transfer, a snapshot of the institution’s profile, with the following information, will be displayed. A similar profile appears to users in the Transferology® Lab.

School Profile as described below.

Item Description
Logo Image

Institution image (often a logo)

School Admins are asked to supply a square image that is a 1:1 ratio; optimally 180x180 pixel JPG/JPEG or PNG file

Address Address of the institution as indicated on the Location tab
Map Interactive map illustrating the location of the institution
Web Institution website URL as entered on the General Information tab (Details > Website)
Phone Institution phone number
Distance Location of the institution (in miles) from the Transferology user
View Program Information

Link to Programs information supplied by the institution

If the institution does not provide Program information, the View Program Information button will be grayed-out

If the institution does supply Program information, this button will be green

School Type*

Institution classification; indicates whether the school is:


Private not-for-profit

Private for-profit

Year Type*

Institution classification; indicates whether the school is a:



Total Students* Total number of students at the institution
Undergrads* Total number of undergraduate students at the institution

Tuition & fees*


Tuition & fees for in-state students

Tuition & fees*


Tuition & fees for out-of-state students

Information Links

(student view only)

Links to institution websites; the institution can also add custom links

*Information supplied by the National Center for Education Statistics.

Full Profile

Users who select the School Profile hyperlink (or follow another link to a School Profile) will be taken to the full version of the profile, which contains up to two tabs and one button.

  1. About
  2. Programs
  3. Pathways To
Example of a full profile as would be seen within Transferology. A similar profile appears to users in Transferology Lab. Select to see a larger version.


The About tab displays for all institutions and contains the smaller School Profile, along with the following information:

Item Description
Banner Image

Institution image (often of the campus)

School Admins are asked to supply a rectangular image that is a 3:1 ratio; optimally 1890x630 pixel JPG/JPEG or PNG file

About Description of the institution
Information Links Links to institution websites
Awards Credentials granted by the institution
View results Button icon; returns user to Match results
Request Information Button icon; takes the student to the Request Information pop-up wherein the user can contact the institution


Visible only for institutions that supply Programs to Transferology®, this tab contains an alphabetical listing of Programs at the institution. Users can select the hyperlinked Program name to be taken to a page which will display further information about the Program. If the institution supplies degree audits to Transferology, users can select the green See how your courses might count towards this program button to run an audit. If the institution does not supply degree audits, this button will be grayed-out.

Programs tab; a sample of four Bachelor's Degree programs are listed.
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Pathways To

Visible only if there are Pathways to or from the institution in Transferology®, this tab, once selected, directs the user to a page in which the individual can review institution-supplied articulation agreements, transfer guides, etc.

Example depicts a transfer pathway between CollegeSource Community College's Associate of Arts in Journalism and CollegeSource University's Bachelor's of Journalism.
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