Create Institution Landing Pages: An Overview Guide

An institution can create a customized, branded Transferology® landing page to help promote the college or university to prospective students. When navigating to Transferology through the institution’s referral link or badge, students will see the customized page (assuming it is published) instead of the CollegeSource-branded homepage. This guide - and its associated articles - explains how School Admins can create and modify institution landing pages in the Transferology® Lab. Institutions needing assistance beyond this guide can reach out to CollegeSource via the Help button on any page within Transferology Lab.

Getting Started

The School Admin role is required for creating an institution landing page. School Admins should review Customize the Transferology Landing Page and become familiar with the following before attempting to create a landing page:

  1. The layout of the Transferology® homepage;
  2. The aspects of the institution landing page that Admins customize;
  3. The aspects of the CollegeSource-branded homepage that do not appear to students within an institution landing page.

Landing pages are created using the Institution Template Editor within Promote Your School. This editor will guide School Administrators through the process. Schools can customize the landing page to use institutions’ colors, images, etc.  

The editor is broken down into three sections:

  1. Color Selection;
  2. Information; and
  3. Image Uploads.

All fields in each section must be filled in to publish the landing page.

Create a Landing Page

To begin creating a landing page:

  1. Go to the School Profile menu.
  2. Select Promote Your School.
  3. Select the Institution Template tab.

Users can also navigate to Promote Your School via the How to promote your school hyperlink within the Profile Preview.

  1. Users will be presented with a message asking for affirmation that the landing page's content is not the responsibility of CollegeSource. Images, color, and text added to this page are the responsibility of the institution, state, or system to which the page belongs.
    • Mark the checkbox in front of I agree and select Agree to continue.
  2. Fill out the fields in each section using the below articles as a guide:

Additional Landing Page Information

In addition to the customizations discussed within the supporting articles, the following four sections will also appear on the institution’s landing page:

  1. The banner image within the School Profile;
  2. An image of the institution logo, along with a summary of quick facts from the School Profile; and
  3. A map of the school location.

As information from the School Profile and Locations tab are updated, these areas will update accordingly.

Additional information contained within the institution landing page, as described above.

Banner images appear clearest at a 3:1 aspect ratio and 1890px wide by 630px tall. If the banner image supplied to CollegeSource upon onboarding appears fuzzy on the landing page, please reach out to CollegeSource for assistance with updating the picture.


The following actions are available at the top of the Institution Template Editor.

Three icons appear under Actions: Preview Changes, Save Changes, and Publish Landing Page.

Once the landing page has been published, the Publish Landing Page button will be replaced with one labeled Unpublish Landing Page.

Preview Changes

Select the Preview Changes button to see how selections will appear on the landing page.

Save Changes

Select Save Changes to save work on the landing page.

    • A pop-up will appear noting that the user is about to make changes to the landing page for the institution. Doing so will make these changes visible to the public if the landing page has been published. Make sure to review changes via the Preview Changes button.
      • Select Yes to proceed with saving changes.
      • A confirmation will appear indicating that changes have been saved.

Publish Landing Page

Before publishing the page, make sure to review it in preview mode. As noted above, institutions can only publish a landing page if all fields have been filled out.

To publish the landing page:

  1. Select Publish Landing Page.
  2. A pop-up will appear indicating that the user is about to publish the landing page for the institution. Doing so will make the page visible to the public. Before publishing, make sure to save any changes made and review the landing page via the Preview Changes button.
    • Select Yes to proceed with publishing the landing page.
    • A confirmation will appear indicating that the landing page has been successfully published.

The landing page URL will be the institution's student referral link within Promote Your School. Institutions can share this URL directly with students or embed it in a referral badge.

The URL will also appear at the bottom of the published landing page and the landing page preview:

Callout illustrates location of the institution landing page URL.

Unpublish the Landing Page

To unpublish the landing page:
  1. Select Unpublish Landing Page.
  2. A message will appear indicating that the user is about to unpublish the landing page for the institution. Anyone visiting with the institution’s referral code will see Transferology’s default landing page.
    • Select Yes to continue and unpublish the page.
    • A confirmation will appear indicating that the landing page has been successfully unpublished.
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