Promoting Your School

Promote Your School is a branding and marketing resource page for Lab users searching for general guidelines regarding Transferology brand use and looking for ways to promote their presence in the Transferology network. This area includes logo assets, guidelines, and the referral links and referral badges that are unique to your institution.

There are two ways to navigate to this page:

  1. On the main menu, select School Profile > Promote Your School.
  2. On the main menu, select School Management. Click the How to promote your school link from the Profile Preview tab.

Referral Link and Badge

The Referral Link is a unique URL designated to an institution. For example:

By default, when a student visits, school Match Results are displayed from highest to lowest percentage. When a Referral Link is clicked by a student, however, it will automatically apply a filter to highlight and display Matches solely from that school. The student can remove the filter if they wish to see all Match Results.

The Referral Badge is an embeddable graphic that combines an image with Transferology branding (see below) and the Referral Link.

To ensure your school is always at the top of the school matches, we recommend always using a Referral Link or Badge when you direct students to Transferology.

You can use them many places, including:

  • Website page
  • Email correspondance 
  • Email signature
  • Social media post 
  • Digital Advertisements