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Manage Source Schools is restricted to Transfer Specialists only. 

Manage Source Schools is a functionality that allows Transfer Specialists to manage the linkages established between a source school's name and it's code, including mapping the school IDs of "unknown" source schools. A source school is a school that the Transfer Specialist's institution accepts transfer credit from.

The Manage Source Schools is a critical area within Transferology because, from a process standpoint, it should be the first page a Transfer Specialist visits.Taking the time to manage the list of unknown schools will save time down the road and typically only needs to be performed once unless additional source schools (all of the schools that my institution accepts transfer credits from) are added to the list.

Schools setting up their transfer articulation rules on campus are required to assign each school a unique ID. Typically, this identifier is a code used by the U.S. Department of Education, e.g., FICE, IPED. However, sometimes school have utilized "made-up" codes, because these have worked setting up u.achieve/DARwin. Although previously legacy could handle the "made-up" code, Transferology requires the "real" code for matching. Transferology takes the made-up code and cross-references it to the actual or "real" code.

About Codes

Identification codes and how they are matched to US school names are critical pieces of information in Transferology, and especially for Transfer Specialist functions.


Your institution's four- to six-digit unique identification code


Your institutions two-digit ID qualifier, IDQ is the national encoding scheme that your institution identifies itself with. IDQ is very important to transfer articulation. Common examples are listed in the table below:

Coding System Code Source URL
IPDEDS 71 Institute of Higher Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics
FICE 73 Institute of Higher Education Sciences, National Center for Education Statistics
ATP 72 CollegeBoard

Other Codes

CollegeSource defines and maintains additional lists of other codes, including international codes, military codes, and standardized exam codes.From the green menu bar institution drop-down menu, select Manage Source Schools:

Source School Mapping Page

The Source School Mapping page is a troubleshooting area for Transfer Specialists where they may request CollegeSource to add their school to the Transferology database.

The Source School Mapping page contains two tabs: Unknown Schools (default) lists schools that need mapped and Linked Schools lists schools that have already been mapped.

The table of source schools may appear empty when the Filter box on both tabs is set (by default) to the state that the Transfer Specialist is logged in from.

In the above screenshot, seven source schools are listed as Unknown Schools, but zero are showing due to the filter.

Unknown Schools Tab

The Unknown Schools tab provides a detailed list of unlinked schools and their suggested matches, filtering functionalities, and the ability to export to Microsoft Excel:

If no schools are listed on the "Unknown Schools" tab, this indicates that all of the source schools are appropriately mapped on the Linked Schools tab.

Column/Icon Screenshot Description
Unknown School Name and identification codes for the Unknown School
The "Unknown School" column may also include military parameters, US territories, international options, and Standardized Exams. Click on the drop-down menu arrow to make a different selection.

(In this screenshot, the Unknown School is a Standardized Exam)
Two codes are listed for the school according to the following format: ##/######
    The 2-digit number  before the forward slash is the source school's IDQ
    The 4- to 6-digit number  after the forward slash is the source school's IDNOTE:
    Two schools may NOT be mapped to the same ID.
State State that the unknown school resides in, or code for other options
(In this screenshot, the state is listed as "SE" for Standardized Exam)
Suggested Match Suggested match generated by Transferology

Create Alias 
Links the suggested match and moves it to the Linked Schools tab

Generates the Find School pop-up window:
Add School Request
Generates the Add School Request page; CollegeSource staff will review to approve

Allows the Transfer Specialist to add school requests in the US, Canada, and Internationally by select parameters (school name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, and ID Codes)
Processes the school request

Hides the unknown school and removes it from the equivalency data

If no schools are listed on the "Unknown Schools" tab, this indicates that all of the source schools are appropriately mapped on the Linked Schools tab.


Because the table of School Names on the Manage Source Schools page can become quite extensive, filtering allows the Transfer Specialist to control the display of information.

Filter Field

The Filtering Field is above the school table on both the Unknown Schools tab and the Linked Schools tab. Transfer Specialists may type in a school name or IDQ/ID to filter schools.

Filter Box

The Filter box allows for filtering primarily by State, with the default set to the state of the school the user is currently logged in from:

The State filter also includes filtering by Military parameters, US Territories, International, Standardized Exams, and All. Click on the drop-down menu arrow to select an alternative.

In addition to filtering by state, the Linked Schools tab offers another filter by Status:

Click on the status drop-down menu to make a selection (All, Primary, Secondary, Alias, or Hidden. The Clear Filters button will clear filter fields and return both filters to All.

Export to Excel

Manage School Sources contains the Export button in the upper right part of the screen above the Filter Box. Export will export the school data on the current page into Microsoft Excel, where it may be useful for implementing changes to transfer rules. The data is arranged according to the columns in the original format, but also includes some additional information, including FYT/LYT, last user to modify the data, and date of last modification:

Transfer Specialists can analyze this school information to manage their workflow.

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