Linked Schools

The Linked School tab provides a detailed list of linked schools and their link status, filtering functionalities, and the ability to export to Microsoft Excel.

Column/Icon Screenshot Description
School Name     +/-  

Lists the school name, first year term-to-last year term (optional), and corresponding FYT/LYT code (optional)
Some schools Name fields contain a brown alert triangle. This icon alerts the Transfer Specialist that the school name provided for this code does not match Transferology records via tooltip message:
Two-letter state abbreviation where the school resides
(In this screenshot, the state is listed as "SE" for Standardized Exam)
Your Code
Schools identification codes
Two codes are listed for the school according to the following format:
    The 2-digit number  before the forward slash is the source school's IDQ
    The 4- to 6-digit number  after the forward slash is the source school's IDNOTE:
    Two schools may NOT be mapped to the same ID.

Link Status





Categorizes the status of the linked school as Linked (populate the Linked Schools tab) or Unlinked (populate the Unknown Schools tab). Four types of links exist in Transferology:


Primary link
Transferology automatically made the linkage for the user
Identifies the FICE, IPEDS, ACT, or ATP code that identifies a school within Transferology


Secondary link
Identifies an alternate FICE, IPEDS, ACT, or ATP code that identifies a school within Transferology. A Secondary linkage is typically used where a school has both a new and an old code.
(For example, several Ohio schools have two FICE codes.)
Alias link
The school sets the linkage association themselves on the Unknown School tab
Identifies a link or association that a school has creates so that an Unknown School can be appropriately mapped and known. This occurs when a school's source_id (or sending school in TES) is not found or is different than the primary and secondary source_id of the school in Transferology. Sometimes schools use non-standard values for some or all of their source_id values; they need to set these up for their equivalencies to be loaded into Transferology.

Hidden link
Identifies that a schools should be ignored within Transferology. A Hidden linkage is different than an Unknown School because a school is self-identifying as a test school or similar and should not appear in Transferology. Hidden links, therefore, will not show up in equivalency data.
(For example, a Hidden link could also be used for an academic portfolio.)
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