Category Mappings

The category mappings function allows Transfer Specialists to manage category mappings in terms of requirement categories and ACourses/IFlags in the Transferology Lab. TA encoders may assign ACourses/IFlags an alternate identity for processing on the audit.

NOTE: The Category Mappings function is specific to Transfer Specialists only.

From the Rule Management option in the menu bar, select the Category Mappings option.

Two tabs on the Category Mappings page include the following:

  1. Requirement Categories
  2. ACourses/IFlags

Requirement Categories tab

(displays by default)

The Requirement Categories tab provides a tabled listing of all of the created categories and cross-lists the ACourse/IFlag for each category, including search/view, enable/disable, edit a category name, edit category courses, create/auto-create a category, and delete a category.

A category may consist of multiple courses; a single course may only appear in one category.


Use the Search field and the radio button to search and view the contents of the category mappings.

The Search field allows the Transfer Specialist to search for a category or ACourse/IFlag value.


The adjacent radio buttons allow the Transfer Specialist to narrow the display of the category mappings through several options:

  • view All
  • view Enabled category mappings
  • view Disabled category mappings


  • Use the Enable/Disable toggle by clicking to place/remove a checkmark in the checkbox associated with the category of interest

Edit Category Name

Edit a category name by clicking the Edit button associated with the category of interest. Make changes to the existing Category name in the Edit Category pop-up window.

Click Cancel to cancel the edits or Edit Category to enact the edits.

Edit Category Courses

Edit a Category Course by clicking the Edit button associated with the Course of interest. Make changes to the ACourses/IFlags in the selected category via the pop-up window.

Select additional course categories to add from the ACourse/IFlag drop-down menu. Click the Close button to exit or Done to complete the addition.

Create/Auto-Create Category

Create new requirement categories automatically or manually.

Auto Create Categories

Click the Auto-Create Categories button (to automatically create requirement categories based upon current Glossary Messages and then assign ACourses/IFlags.

You may opt to use either the beginning or the end of the Glossary Message for the requirement category name:

  • The beginning of the message
  • The end of the message
 80 character maximum character count on categories–either the first or last 80 characters, depending upon selection.

After the new categories are auto-created, we recommend reviewing category names in the column. Also, associate the Message ID with it. Be sure to edit the category name to ensure it makes sense, if necessary. Otherwise, these go into the student app and may not be refined for the end-user.

Create Category
Click the  + Create Category button to manually create requirement categories. The Create Category dialog box will prompt you to name the category. Click  Cancel to cancel the category creation or  Create Category to process the new category creation.

Delete Category

Click the Delete button associated with the category you wish to delete. The category will be removed from the Category Mappings table.

ACourses/IFlags tab

NOTE: ACourse/IFlg is restricted to Transfer Specialists only

ACourse (Alternate Course) and IFlg (Institution Flag) are fields found in DARwin and uAchieve that allow encoders to assign alternate identities to target transfer courses.The ACourse/Iflg tab allows Transfer Specialists to evaluate and apply "weight" to generic transfer courses so that they can get a more accurate score when performing matching of student courses within Transferology.

ACourse/IFlg use can enhance matches, thereby promoting a school's position on the Schools Found page. The ACourses/IFlags tab provides an area for the Transfer Specialist to manage the properties for their ACourses and IFlags, including search/view/filter, change the status, or edit a category.


Since the list of ACourse/IFlags on the Category Mappings page may be quite extensive, the Search and Filter options may be used to narrow the display of the table.


The Search text field above the table list can narrow the view to only certain ACourses/IFlags or Categories of interest. For example, the screenshot below shows a search for "Spanish" using a search string for "SPANI"

To remove the search results and return to the full list, simply highlight the search string entered in the Search text field and delete it with your keyboard.


Control the display of the types of information you want to view by Status or Filter by Category in the View box on the upper right corner of the table list. 

Filter by Category drop-down menu provides an alphabetical list of existing categories to choose from and filter results.

Change Status

Keeping the status of ACourses/IFlags on the Category Mappings page updated is simple. Three options for Status include the following:

  1. Full Credit
  2. Partial Credit
  3. No Designation

The "current" status is highlighted in dark blue. Click an adjacent gray status to instead make that status the active one. 

A changed status is confirmed with the temporary appearance of a green success bubble (Updated Mapping) in the upper right part of the screen.

Full Credit

As students use Transferology to evaluate their coursework against the transfer rules, the Full Credit increase that the Transfer Specialist authorizes is indicated within the student app using a solid blue "thumbs up" icon and alert note adjacent to the relevant course.

 See ACourse/IFlg Scoring System to learn more.

Partial Credit

As students use Transferology to evaluate their coursework against the transfer rules, the Partial Credit increase that the Transfer Specialist authorizes is indicated within the student app using a blue outlined "thumbs up" icon and alert note adjacent to the relevant course.

Once ACourse/IFlg courses are scored, this page only needs revisited occasionally based upon addition of new courses or scoring re-evaluation. See ACourse/IFlg Scoring System to learn more.

No Designation

When a Transfer Specialist first comes to the ACourse/IFlg page, all of the courses are set to No Designation, by default. Each course can be individually evaluated based upon the scoring system and then Status changed (if desired) by clicking an alternate button. The default score (50%) is overridden and bumped up when the Transfer Specialist selects Full Credit (for 100%) or Partial Credit (for 80%). See ACourse/IFlg Scoring System to learn more.

Edit Category

To edit the assigned category for an ACourse/IFlag, click the Edit button associated with the ACourse/IFlag of interest. Three options on the pop-up window include the following:

  1. Select a different (pre-existing) category to assign to the ACourse/IFlag
  2. Create a new category to assign to the ACourse/IFlag
  3. Enable for Students checkbox 

Click Cancel to cancel the category edit; click Save to conserve the edit to the ACourse/IFlg category.

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