Display Standardized Exams Using Crosswalk Mappings

This article provides an overview of the Crosswalk Mappings feature in the Transferology® Lab as it pertains to standardized exams. Colleges can use this feature to display standardized exams in instances where transfer rule source or send course formatting differs from what is used in Transferology®.

Transferology Source/Send Course Formatting

CollegeSource recommends that Transferology® subscribers utilize the source or send course formatting used in Transferology when supplying transfer rules. Using the Transferology formatting ensures that students and fellow Transferology Lab users can find Matches to courses, standardized exams, and military credits at the subscribing college. 

Transferology standardized exam formatting conventions are linked below:

Using Advanced Placement as an example, the Transferology source or send course code for the United States History exam is AP07:

Thus, it is recommended that colleges use this code when in transfer rules supplied to Transferology: 

  • If using the Transferology Connector, input AP07 into the uAchieve Source Course field(s).
  • If using PeopleSoft TRex, input AP07 into the Incoming Course field(s).
  • If supplying transfer rules via an import file, input AP07 into the SendCourseCode field(s).

Formatting decisions should always be made in a way that ensures correct transfer credit processing at the college and not solely for Transferology. It is recognized that there may be instances where this formatting cannot be used and that schools must use their judgment in determining what formatting conventions to apply. If the Transferology source or send course code convention cannot be utilized, institutions that supply transfer rules through uAchieve® or PeopleSoft® can use Crosswalk Mappings to ensure Matches can be found.

Crosswalk Mappings

To view/add/edit/delete Standardized Exam Crosswalk Mappings:

  1. Go to Rule Management.
  2. Select Crosswalk Mappings.
  3. Select the Standardized Exams tab.

The Standardized Exams tab contains the following filters:

Column Description
Exam Type(s) A listing of all examination types for which institution transfer rules exist. If the college has no transfer rules for an Exam Type, it will not appear in the drop-down.

Select from the following:

ACT Assessment
AP - Advanced Placement
CLEP - College Level Examination Program
DSST Program
International Baccalaureate (IB)
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
Date range

Applies to All Year Terms

Select the following from the drop-down menu:

Needs Mapping:
The courses displayed need to be mapped to Transferology equivalent source or send courses for students to find Matches. Creating a mapping will move a course within this area to Manually Entered Mappings.

Manually Entered Mappings:
The courses displayed have been mapped by the college to Transferology equivalent source or send courses. Mappings within this page can be edited or deleted.

Has Existing Mappings:
The courses displayed use the Transferology source or send course formatting. Editing a mapping will move it to Manually Entered Mappings.
Enter a course number/title to locate an exam.

The examinations that meet the selected criteria will display under Courses from (College Name). In the below example, the AP - Advanced Placement exam US HIST appears when the Needs Mapping filter is selected. No Transferology® equivalent is noted.

Available Actions icons indicate steps that can be taken within the page. Those which are dark gray (the + icon, below) can be selected; those that are light gray or appear grayed out (the pencil and the trash can, below) cannot: 

Type Description

Select to add a mapping

Select to edit a mapping 

Select to delete a mapping

Anytime a mapping is added, edited, or removed, the change will take effect the next time equivalencies are loaded.

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