Advanced Placement (AP): Display Equivalencies in Transferology

Institutions may choose to award students academic credit based on scores received on Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. This document provides best practices that institutions can use to display credit awards in Transferology®. 

Getting Equivalencies into Transferology®

Institutions new to Transferology have multiple options for uploading existing transfer equivalencies. See Getting Equivalencies into Transferology for more information.

When importing Advanced Placement equivalencies via a flat file, use the following formatting:

SendInstitutionCode 99999997
SendInstitutionName The College Board
SendInstitutionCity New York
SendInstitutionState NY
SendInstitutionCountry United States




AP (exam name)

Example: AP Psychology

(Input exam name as shown in TES; see Data Mapping (below))

Institutions supplying equivalencies from TES® will see equivalencies updated in Transferology the morning after changes and additions are made.

Equivalencies from uAchieve® institutions are retrieved daily and available in Transferology two days later.

TES Data Sets

Institutions that source equivalencies through TES create these equivalencies from The College Board AP/CLEP data sets. The first College Board AP/CLEP data set in TES is from 2012. See Data Mapping (below) for a list of all Advanced Placement examinations within TES.

uAchieve® Table Setup

It is recommended that institutions that source equivalencies from uAchieve create Advanced Placement Institutional Reference (IREF) and Transfer Articulation (TA) Tables as follows. 

It is recognized that some institutions may have business processes that result in deviation from the standards below. 

Institutional Reference (IREF) Table 

When creating the Institutional Reference (IREF) Table, use the following conventions:

Field Input
Source ID AP
Name Advanced Placement
FYT 0000 00
Lyt 9999 99

The Department Begin and Department End reflect the positions in which the two-letter Advanced Placement abbreviation (AP) falls within the institution's transfer or source course encoding. The Course Begin and Course End reflect the positions in which two-digit Advanced Placement codes fall within the institution's transfer or source course encoding.

In the example below:

  • the Department Begin is set to 1;
  • the Department End is set to 2;
  • the Course Begin is set to 3; and
  • the Course End is set to 4.

There are no blank spaces between AP and the exam number, which means there should be no spaces between these in the transfer articulation rule. 

Field Input


A = Alphabetic entry

9 = Numeric entry

Department Begin 1
Department End 2
Course Begin 3
Course End 4

Transfer Articulation (TA) Table

When creating the Transfer Articulation (TA) Table, use the following conventions:

Field Input
Source ID AP
Name Advanced Placement
FYT 0000 00
Lyt 9999 99

Use the following structure when creating rules:





(use course_num from Data Mapping, below)


Examination title

(use course_title from Data Mapping, below)

Data Mapping

The chart below illustrates the data elements needed to encode Advanced Placement equivalencies in uAchieve® for display in Transferology®. The TES course title is additionally provided for reference for:

  1. Institutions sourcing equivalencies through uAchieve, who are additionally using TES® to evaluate these examinations; and
  2. Institutions sourcing equivalencies to Transferology from TES (see TES Data Sets above).

The course_fyt represents the first year and month the examination is available in Transferology. The course_lyt represents the last year and month it is available.

uAchieve institutions may use different term codes than those noted below; if so, translate accordingly:

  • Example: 
    • 201609 =  2016 September
course_fyt course_lyt course_title TES Course Title
Advanced Placement 07 000000 999999 United States History AP United States History
AP Advanced Placement 13 000000 999999 Art History AP Art History
AP Advanced Placement 14 000000 999999 Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio AP Drawing
AP Advanced Placement 15 000000 999999 Studio Art: 2-D Design Portfolio AP 2-D Art and Design
AP Advanced Placement 16 000000 999999 Studio Art: 3-D Design Portfolio AP 3-D Art and Design
AP Advanced Placement 20 000000 999999 Biology AP Biology
AP Advanced Placement 22 000000 999999 Seminar AP Seminar
AP Advanced Placement 23 000000 999999 Research AP Research
AP Advanced Placement 25 000000 999999 Chemistry AP Chemistry
AP Advanced Placement 28 000000 999999 Chinese Language & Culture AP Chinese Language and Culture
AP Advanced Placement 31 000000 999999 Computer Science A AP Computer Science A
AP Advanced Placement 32 201609 999999 Computer Science Principles AP Computer Science Principles
AP Advanced Placement 33 000000 200906 Computer Science AB N/A
AP Advanced Placement 34 000000 999999 Microeconomics AP Microeconomics
AP Advanced Placement 35 000000 999999 Macroeconomics AP Macroeconomics
AP Advanced Placement 36 000000 999999 English Language & Composition AP English Language and Composition
AP Advanced Placement 37 000000 999999 English Literature & Composition AP English Literature and Composition
AP Advanced Placement 40 000000 999999 Environmental Science AP Environmental Science
AP Advanced Placement 43 000000 999999 European History AP European History
AP Advanced Placement 48 000000 999999 French Language & Culture AP French Language and Culture
AP Advanced Placement 51 000000 200906 French Literature N/A
AP Advanced Placement 53 000000 999999 Human Geography AP Human Geography
AP Advanced Placement 55 000000 999999 German Language & Culture AP German Language and Culture
AP Advanced Placement 57 000000 999999 United States Government & Politics AP United States Government and Politics
AP Advanced Placement 58 000000 999999 Comparative Government & Politics AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP Advanced Placement 59 000000 200606 International English Languag N/A
AP Advanced Placement 60 000000 999999 Latin AP Latin
AP Advanced Placement 61 000000 200906 Latin: Literature N/A
AP Advanced Placement 62 000000 999999 Italian Language & Culture AP Italian Language and Culture
AP Advanced Placement 64 000000 999999 Japanese Language & Culture AP Japanese Language and Culture
AP Advanced Placement 66 000000 999999 Calculus AB AP Calculus AB
AP Advanced Placement 68 000000 999999 Calculus BC AP Calculus BC
AP Advanced Placement 75 000000 999999 Music Theory AP Music Theory
AP Advanced Placement 76 000000 999999 Music Aural Subscore N/A
AP Advanced Placement 77 000000 999999 Music Non-Aural Subscore N/A
AP Advanced Placement 78 000000 201406 Physics B AP Physics B
AP Advanced Placement 80 000000 999999 Physics C: Mechanics AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP Advanced Placement 82 000000 999999 Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
AP Advanced Placement 83 000000 999999 Physics 1 AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
AP Advanced Placement 84 000000 999999 Physics 2 AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based
AP Advanced Placement 85 000000 999999 Psychology AP Psychology
AP Advanced Placement 87 000000 999999 Spanish Language & Culture AP Spanish Language and Culture
AP Advanced Placement 89 000000 999999 Spanish Literature & Culture AP Spanish Literature and Culture
AP Advanced Placement 90 000000 999999 Statistics AP Statistics
AP Advanced Placement 93 000000 201912 World History AP World History
AP Advanced Placement  93 202001 999999 World History: Modern AP World History: Modern
AP Advanced Placement 94 202401 999999 African American Studies Not available in current data sets
AP Advanced Placement 95 202301 999999 Precalculus AP Precalculus
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