Add Standardized Exam Crosswalk Mappings

This article provides an overview of how to create standardized exam Crosswalk Mappings in the Transferology® Lab. Colleges can use this feature to display standardized exams in instances where transfer rule source or send course formatting differs from what is used in Transferology®. 

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To add a standardized exam Crosswalk Mapping:

  1. Go to Rule Management.
  2. Select Crosswalk Mappings.
  3. Select the Standardized Exams tab.
  4. Within the Exam Type(s) drop-down menu, select an examination type.
  5. Within the Filter drop-down menu, select Needs Mapping.
  6. Under Courses from (Institution Name), find the exam to be mapped.
    • Search by course number/title if desired.
  7. To the right of the course code, under Available Actions, select the +.

  1. The Mapping Selection pop-up will appear. Within the pop-up is a list of all the Advanced Placement examinations available in Transferology. Find the equivalent Transferology source or send course within this list.

  1. Select Apply.

  1. A pop-up notification will indicate that the course has been mapped:

The mapped course will now display under Manually Entered Mappings. Students can find Matches to the mapped course upon the next equivalency upload.

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