Transferology Connector

The Transferology Connector provides degree audits and course equivalencies from uAchieve/DARwin to Transferology.

The Transferology Connector is a Java web application installed at your school. The following diagram provides a high level view of the Transferology Connector and its relationship with Transferology:

If you are unfamiliar with the Transferology Connector, please see Getting Started With the Transferology Connector.

The Transferology Connector is formerly known by several other names including: ConnectorCEGXML, External CEG/XML Interface, CEG, XML Interface, or External CEG.

Mandatory Requirements

  • When Java 7 is used, the https.protocols java system property must be defined, see the next item for specifics.
  • TLSv1.2 - The Transferology web service which receives degree audits no longer supports TLSv1 or TLS v1.1. Java 8 and higher use TLSv1.2 by default. Java 7 must define the following java system property.
  • When starting your java web application server, you must define the java https.protocols system property to explicitly disable TLSv1 and TLSv1.1.


  • Java Application Server - CollegeSource recommends Tomcat 7.0.x, 8.0.x, or 8.5.x which can be obtained from the following page:
  • Firewalls
    • School's external firewall must allow traffic to:
      • Your production Transferology Connector from
      • Your test/development Transferology Connector from (
      • CollegeSource recommends restricting access to the Transferology Connector only after it is correctly installed and configured. Restricting access prior to this makes troubleshooting difficult.
    • Internal - TCP keepalive must be enabled between your Java Application Server and database when the JDBC connection traverses an internal firewall.
  • OS access - You need OS access to Java application server to perform functions such as copying and editing files
  • CollegeSource audit server - One of the following minimum versions are required:
    • DARwin 3.5.6
    • u.achieve 4.0.14
  • CollegeSource tables - One of the following minimum table definition versions are required:
    • DARwin 3.5.8
    • u.achieve 4.0.14
  • Database user and password - Necessary for the Connector to access CollegeSource tables
  • JDBC Driver - You need a JDBC Driver that is compatible with your specific database type. If you do not currently use a JDBC Driver, see one of the following pages:
  • Specify the correct daversion in the
    • daversion=darwin
    • daversion=uachieve
  • CollegeSource Audits - When using the degree audit functionality, one of the following is required:
    • DARwin daemon.cfg - Assign value of server_name property in DARwin daemon.cfg
    • uAchieve - Define RequestHandler in daemonContext.xml

5.0 Features

  • Compatible with uAchieve API 4.4.0, including the Long data type for the job_queue_xxx int_seq_no columns.
  • Provides native uAchieve degree audit report types to Transferology (TXT, HTM and PDF).
  • Provides web services to facilitate the next day equivalency refresh into Transferology.
  • For uAchieve degree audits, provides server name and directory location of the uAchieve server which produced the degree audit.

For features provided in earlier versions, see Connector Milestones.

Additional Information
  • The Transferology Connector does NOT access a school's Student Information System
  • Transferology makes HTTP (or HTTPS when defined) connections to the Transferology Connector
  • Transferology sends/requests data via POST
  • Schools can use an SSL Certificate to secure the data exchange between Transferology and the Transferology Connector
  • Schools can restrict access to Transferology Connector with their firewall by only allowing Transferology ( traffic to reach the Transferology Connector


Upgrading from DARwin to uAchieve? See the Connector's Upgrading from DARwin to uAchieve page.

Upgrading to the 5.0.x Transferology Connector?

The uAchieve database must have JOB_QUEUE tables upgraded to uAchieve 4.4.

When upgrading to the 5.0.x version of the Connector, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove or comment the Lucene indexing properties in the, see the "Connector 4.4.1 and newer" section of  Default MREF and TA Tables.
  2. Execute the Connector 5.0 sql database script for your particular database. The script adds the last_mod_descendant_utc column to the tca_master and tca_rule tables.
    1. Oracle - connector-oracle-5_0.sql
    2. SQL Server - connector-mssql-5_0.sql
    3. DB2 - connector-db2-5_0.sql
  3. Execute the Connector 5.0 sql database trigger script for your particular database. The triggers maintain the last_mod_descendant_utc columns of the tca_master and tca_ruletables.
    1. Oracle - connector-oracle-triggers-5_0.sql
    2. SQL Server - coming soon
    3. DB2 - coming soon
  4. Install the 5.0.x Connector version.
  5. The configuration instructions for the RequestHandler defined in the uAchieve daemonContext.xml were revised due to the additional uAchieve report types HTM and PDF.
  6. Send an email indicating the upgrade to
  7. Use the Transferology Lab's Audit Setup page to:
    1. Change the Audit request format to: Connector 5.x
    2. Change the Audit Report type to: TXT, HTM, or PDF
Transferology Connector 5.0.x, 4.4.x and 4.3.x Compatibility with DARwin and uAchieve versions
  • The above Mandatory Requirements section identifies the minimum CollegeSource audit server and CollegeSource tables which are compatible with the Transferology Connector versions 5.0.x, 4.4.x, and 4.3.x.
  • The 5.0.x, 4.4.x and 4.3.x Transferology Connector versions are also compatible with the minimum versions through the most recent CollegeSource audit server and CollegeSource table versions.
  • You don't need to upgrade the 5.0.x, 4.4.x, and 4.3.x Transferology Connector when DARwin or uAchieve is being upgraded.

Install and Configure

When you are ready to install and configure the Transferology Connector, follow the steps below:

1. Database Access by Transferology Connector into CollegeSource tables.

2. If you use DARwin/uAchieve default or reference only tables in your equivalencies, keep in mind, Transferology does NOT recognize all types of default or reference tables. The following types of default or reference tables are recognized by Transferology:

  • Defaulting MSTREF Data - Reference Only
  • Defaulting TA Rules - Reference Only
  • Defaulting TA Rules - All Articulation Rules
  • Defaulting TA Table with Additional Rules

Please review the following documentation for DARwin/uAchieve default or reference tables encoding details:  Setting Up Default Tables

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3. Install and Configure Transferology Connector

4. If your DARwin/uAchieve encoding utilizes default or reference-only tables in your equivalencies, please follow Enabling Default MREF and TA Tables.

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