Setup for DARwin and uAchieve Schools

High-level setup activities include the following:

Two-Phase Go Live

CollegeSource recommends schools go live in Transferology in two phases. In the first phase, the school concentrates on their equivalencies and course matches. In the second phase, they provide degree audits. A school’s equivalencies are the ONLY means for a student to get information from a school and connect with a school. Below are several relevant Transferology statistics regarding equivalency vs. program usage:

  • Students have performed over 1 million “Search for Matches” while requesting less than 76,000 degree audits
  • Previously in (Transferology’s predecessor), the ratio between equivalencies and audits for students was 10:1
  • Since Transferology, that ratio has grown to 13.5:1
  • Degree audits are only provided by 33% of the subscribing schools

Past experience has shown it's easier and requires less time for a school to go live in Phase 1 with both their equivalencies AND a program list. This approach allows the quickest path for a school to get their equivalencies live in production. In the first phase, the prospective student does not have the ability to apply their courses to a program at the school. However, the student is able to view the school’s match score, details, school profile, program list, and program descriptions.

Define School Profile

To define the school's profile, our Transfer Solutions Specialist works with the school to create the necessary Lab user accounts, images, URLs, and contact emails.

Install Transferology Connector

Before a DARwin/uAchieve school's equivalencies can be loaded into Transferology, the Transferology Connector must be successfully installed and configured at the school. See the following pages for details:

We understand some schools will install two Transferology Connectors: the first install is into a test environment and eventually a second install into the production environment. Since Transferology requires at least one Transferology Connector, it is an individual school's decision whether to install a single Transferology Connector or two.

Retrieving and Loading Equivalencies into Transferology

Email your Connector's URL to

The Transferology servers must be able to connect to your Transferology Connector in order to retrieve your equivalencies. After your Connector is installed and configured, make sure your school's firewall allows access for the following Transferology servers: - Test - Production<br>

After Transferology is able to successfully communicate with your Connector, your school's equivalencies will be retrieved and loaded into Transferology.

Phase 1 - Equivalencies for DARwin/uAchieve Schools

Follow the Phase 1 - Equivalencies for DARwin/uAchieve Schools

Phase 2 - Degree Programs for DARwin/uAchieve Schools

Follow the Phase 2 - Degree Programs for DARwin/uAchieve Schools

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