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This article illustrates how to run Programs within the Manage Programs page in Transferology® Lab.

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Within Manage Programs, Transferology® Lab School Administrators and Program Administrators can add and import Program information to share with students and staff in Transferology® and Transferology® Lab, respectively. Data can also be exported, edited, or deleted. It is important to run Programs after creating, importing, or editing them to ensure they are working properly.

To navigate to Manage Programs:

  1. Go to Program Setup.
  2. Select Manage Programs.

Run Programs

To run a Program audit: 

1. Select the Run Program button (arrow icon) to the right of the Program's Name.

  • Use the Filter to locate the program by Name, Code or Degree Type if desired. 

2. A series of pop-up dialog boxes will appear. Answer the questions, using the Next button to proceed to the following question. Some questions (not included below) may be state-specific, created by the institution. 

Question Options/Instructions
What courses should be included when running this program? Include courses from a bundle
Toggle the option and then Choose the bundle from the drop-down menu; the list is populated with all of the user's Course Bundles (including those shared with the user).

If no bundles are available, the drop-down will not appear.

Include a student's coursework
Toggle the option and then Choose the student from the drop-down menu; the list is populated from student Information Requests within Recruit Students and Advise Students.

If no student coursework is available, the drop-down will not appear. To select student coursework, one must have the Recruiter or Advisor role.

Do not include any coursework
Option selected by default; no coursework from a bundle nor student coursework will be applied to the audit.
Do you want to view how courses from another school might apply to this program?  This question will only display for schools running uAchieve 4.2.x or higher. Institutions must also have enabled the Allow Reference Audits checkbox within the Audit Setup page within the Lab. 

Schools meeting the above requirements are provided the option to run a reference articulation audit. This audit shows current equivalencies to courses at the home/Target school in {green}, in addition to applying the bundle or student coursework selected above.

Option selected by default. Reference articulation will not be provided.

Selecting Yes will initiate a reference articulation audit.
  • Select a school from the included coursework within the drop-down menu. If no bundle or student coursework is being applied to the audit, this drop-down would not appear. 
    • If not selecting a school from included coursework, use the Select a different school drop-down menu to choose another college. This list is populated with all institutions the home/Target school has equivalencies established at (minus those included in the bundle or student coursework).

A final pop-up box will appear: 

  1. If the user is a School Administrators, the user will have the option to enable a checkbox to the left of Create debug information from this audit?
    • It is beneficial to select this in case any audit troubleshooting needs to be done. 
  2. Enable the checkbox to the left of the following statement: 
    • I understand courses are submitted assuming a passing grade (C or better) which may or may not contribute to the receiving institution's gpa calculations. The exact definition of a passing grade will vary from school to school so check with the school for more information about their grade acceptance policies.
  3. Select Run Audit.
    • Or, select Cancel to return to the Program description page.

3. A pop-up notification indicates that the institution requested the program audit and instructs the user to select the notification to view the audit when it is ready. 

An email confirming the audit request is also sent from Transferology to the person making the request. 


After running an audit, selecting the green hyperlinked Success message will take the user to the My Program Requests tab within the Programs page of Transferology® Lab. If the user was unable to select the notification before it went away, the audit could still be viewed by following the below steps:

  1. Go to Advising & Recruiting.
  2. Select Programs.
  3. Select My Program Requests.

The following information will be displayed on the My Program Requests tab: 

Column Explanation
Select to remove (checkbox) Enable checkbox(es) to delete one or many audit requests

Once enabled, the Remove button will appear above the checkbox column. Select Remove to delete all checked audits:
A statement will appear asking for confirmation that the selected program request(s) should be deleted. Select Yes to proceed. A confirmation will note that the program request(s) has/have been deleted.

Select No to return to My Program Requests without deleting the audits
Time Date/time stamp of the Program request

Program Selectable hyperlink to audit
School School the audit was run at
Student Student email address (and name)
Bundle Associated bundle (if applicable) 
Viewing Other Courses From Name of institution other coursework applied from
Status Status of audit

A "spinning wheel" means that the audit is still in progress:
Enable the Auto Refresh button to refresh the audit. A progress bar will display while the audit processes.

A green checkmark means the audit has successfully completed:
A white exclamation mark within either a black circle or triangle means an error has occurred while running the audit:
If audit troubleshooting is needed, select Show JobIDs under the Search Filter to display the JobID for the audit. Supply this information to the uAchieve® administrator at the school when asking for assistance.
Mail Select the Mail button to send the program request to a recipient via email


To view the audit:

  1. Locate the name of the Program audit. 
    • Use the Search filter to filter by Program, School, or Student.
  2. Verify the Status is a green checkmark. This means the audit has successfully completed running.
  3. Select the Program name hyperlink.

The audit will appear:

From here:

  • Read through the audit.
    • Use the Open All Sections and Close All Sections to control the amount of information on the page.
    • Select Return to the top to navigate back to the beginning of the audit.
  • Select Return to Programs to navigate back to My Program Requests.
  • Select Email Program to send the program request to a recipient via email.
    • The user will be prompted to fill in the following fields: To (required), CC, and Additional Message.
      •  The email subject will be auto-populated: Planning Guide for (student email) - Submitted to (College name) for degree (Program name).
  • Select Print to print the audit or save it as a PDF. 
  • Select the Show Sidebar icon to display the School Profile on the audit.
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