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This article illustrates how to import Programs into the Manage Programs page in Transferology® Lab.

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Within Manage Programs, Transferology® Lab School Administrators and Program Administrators can add and import Program information to share with students and staff in Transferology® and Transferology® Lab, respectively. Data can also be exported, edited, or deleted. Subscribing institutions are encouraged to provide program information to help students explore their transfer options.

To navigate to Manage Programs:

  1. Go to Program Setup.
  2. Select Manage Programs.

Import Programs

Programs can be imported into Transferology Lab using the specifications detailed in Transferology Programs Import & Export File Format. This document is also accessible by selecting View File Format within Manage Programs. Please review this document before creating and submitting an import file.

To upload the import file:

  1. Select Import.
  2. The Import Programs pop-up will appear. 
    • Make the appropriate selections using the chart below.
  3. Select Import.

Field Instructions Restrictions
File to Import*  Select Choose File Required 
Delimiter Select from:

Comma (default)
Other Settings Options include: 

[  ]  First row contains column names?
Enable the checkbox if the first row of the Import file contains column names 

[  ] Delete existing programs?
Enable the checkbox to remove all of the Programs currently listed in Transferology and Transferology Lab and replace them with the Programs in the Import file

No checkmark in the box will result in the Programs in the Import file being added to those already in Transferology and Transferology Lab

Tip: When importing Programs, it is good practice to import the Questions file before importing the Program file. This helps ensure that the Program Questions are linked up correctly with their corresponding Programs.

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