Manage Programs: Edit Programs

This article illustrates how to edit Programs within the Manage Programs page in Transferology® Lab.

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Within Manage Programs, Transferology® Lab School Administrators and Program Administrators can add and import Program information to share with students and staff in Transferology® and Transferology® Lab, respectively. Data can also be exported, edited, or deleted. Subscribing institutions are encouraged to provide program information to help students explore their transfer options.

To navigate to Manage Programs:

  1. Go to Program Setup.
  2. Select Manage Programs.

Edit Programs

To edit a program:

  1. Select the Edit Program button (pencil icon) to the right of the Program's Name.
    • Use the Filter to locate the Program by Name, Code or Degree Type if desired.
  2. The Program page will appear. Fill in or adjust the information using the Program Fields chart.
  3. Select Save.
    • Or, select Cancel to stop editing the Program and instead return to the Manage Programs page.

Tip: After editing a program in Transferology Lab, test the audit to ensure it is working properly. See Manage Programs: Run Programs.

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