Manage Programs: Delete Programs

This article illustrates how to delete Programs within the Manage Programs page in Transferology® Lab.

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Within Manage Programs, Transferology Lab School Administrators and Program Administrators can add and import Program information to share with students and staff in Transferology® and Transferology® Lab, respectively. Data can also be exported, edited, or deleted. Subscribing institutions are encouraged to provide program information to help students explore their transfer options.

To navigate to Manage Programs:

  1. Go to Program Setup.
  2. Select Manage Programs.

Delete Programs

Careful consideration should be given before deleting Programs from Transferology Lab. Once deleted, Programs will no longer be visible to students and staff within Transferology and Transferology Lab. If a record of the Program data is needed, School or Program Administrators may export it before deleting the Programs.

To delete a program:

  1. Select the Delete Program button (trash can) to the right of the Program's Name.
    • Use the Filter to locate the Program by Name, Code or Degree Type if desired.
  2. A confirmation screen will appear, asking for verification that the selected Program should be deleted. Select Yes to delete the Program.
    • Or, select No not to delete the Program and return to Manage Programs.

A pop-up notification will confirm that the Program has been deleted.

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