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This article illustrates how to export Programs from within the Manage Programs page in Transferology® Lab.

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Within Manage Programs, Transferology® Lab School Administrators and Program Administrators can add and import Program information to share with students and staff in Transferology® and Transferology® Lab, respectively. Data can also be exported, edited, or deleted. Subscribing institutions are encouraged to provide program information to help students explore their transfer options.

To navigate to Manage Programs:

  1. Go to Program Setup.
  2. Select Manage Programs.

Export Programs

One or many Programs can be exported at once. To create an export file:

  1. Select Export.
  2. The Export Programs pop-up will appear. 
    • Choose the File name and make the appropriate selections using the chart below.
  3. Select Export.

Field Instructions Restrictions
File name* Key in the file name for the Programs to be exported

The File name* field generates a default file name that may be customized before export

Format of the default file name:
Data Select from:


The number of programs within each option will display in parentheses             
Delimiter Select from:

Comma (default)

The output is a CSV text file with the field delimiter chosen above. Exported data conforms to the structure noted in the Transferology Programs Import & Export File Format. The exported file can be opened in a text editor, Microsoft® Excel, or any application that can read/write text files. 

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