Military Encoding

Students and staff can use Transferology® to see how military coursework and occupations may earn credit at participating institutions. The Military Credits that can be added to Course Lists are supplied from the American Council on Education (ACE) data sets within TES®. This article explains the two options institutions have for building transfer articulation rules for military credits so that Match results can be viewed within Transferology:

  1. A single "school"/table that includes coursework and occupation from all military branches.
  2. Separate "schools"/tables corresponding to each military branch.

Single School/Table

Institutions sourcing equivalencies from TES® or a flat file import must provide rules within a single "school"/table that includes coursework and occupations from all military branches. Rules are to be created using the American Council on Education military data sets within TES and are automatically loaded in Transferology with each equivalency upload/refresh.

CollegeSource recommends institutions supplying rules from uAchieve® encode military credit evaluations using separate Source IDs corresponding to each branch of service. It is recognized, however, that not all institutions may be able to do this. For example, some institutions may opt to encode military evaluations under one Source ID to support credit posting within the structure of specific Student Information Systems. In these cases, uAchieve institutions can encode military transfer rules under a single Source ID. 

Separate Schools/Tables

As noted above, CollegeSource recommends institutions supplying rules from uAchieve/DARwin encode military credit evaluations under separate Source IDs corresponding to each branch of service. 

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