Single Military Table

This encoding method uses one single Institution for all Military courses and occupations.

If you already have your Military credit encoded as one common table, but use a different InstID than the one we use, be sure to map your Military school to our code via the "Unknown Source School Mappings" feature in the Transferology Lab.

Legacy would append V# (ex. V1 or V2) to some military coursework depending on which pay grade the student selected. The data we have obtained from ACE does not provide this information, so in Transferology we will no longer append those values on to the back of the course. Schools who already have military coursework encoded will need to make adjustments to their encoding in order to get matches in Transferology.

For non-DARwin/uAchieve schools the "course mask" referenced below is a specific field in the DARwin / uAchieve tables that simply acts as a guide for people who build transfer articulation rules. 

A represents a letter
9 represents a number
* is a wildcard that represents a letter or number or space

Institution ID: 99999998
State Value: DC
Course Mask: AA**********

Since each military branch/occupation has a different course mask, the course mask for this single table will not be as precise as it would if you were to use the separate table method. This could make it tricky for your encoders or anyone entering military credit on your campus for internal transfer articulation processing. For this reason, we recommend using the Separate Military Tables method.

Encoding Examples

Each branch course/occupation would be a separate TA Segment:

**Notice the space after the hyphen on the first example. This is because the department ends with the 4th character and for Air Force courses the department is only 3 characters long (including the hyphen).

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