Phase 2 - Degree Programs for DARwin and uAchieve Schools

If you haven't reviewed the Transfer Articulation Considerations section of the DARwin or uAchieve Settings for Transferology Schools page, please review it.

Since Phase 1 precedes Phase 2, please consult the Phase 1 documentation before continuing:

1. Degree Programs

For schools to provide degree programs to students in Transferology, they must create/import their program information into the system. They can manually enter the programs, but most schools choose the flat file import function. These functions are performed on the Transferology Lab's Manage Programs page. For technical details on managing programs, see Manage Programs: Program Fields.

2. Questions and Answers

A small percentage of schools choose to supplement the prospective student's transfer courses with additional transfer-related information. This information allows a school to ask prospective transfer students questions that the school deems important for transfer during the program request workflow.

Below are examples of two popular questions:

  • Have you completed the statewide transfer module?
  • Have you completed an associate degree?

The student’s answers to the questions are included in the degree audit request, in the form of pseudo courses or marker requirements. Questions and answers are NOT mandatory for a school to provide degree audits in Transferology. Some schools choose to use them, most schools do not. Questions and Answers are managed on the Transferology Lab's Program Questions page. For technical details on managing questions, see the Questions and Answers Import Record Format page.

3. Degree Audit Considerations

During the degree audit setup and testing, some schools encounter issues they did not anticipate, primarily due to the degree audit request being initiated from Transferology. Below are several examples:

  • School customizations to the degree audit program/process may require changes to produce a degree audit for an anonymous (i.e., not enrolled) Transferology student.
  • Manual entry of student coursework by a staff member is done in a “we enter school x's courses like this” approach, which is different than courses provided by Transferology.
  • Some schools require/choose additional encoding changes for Transferology students in the form of marker requirements, pseudo courses, or condition codes.
  • Degree audit report changes are required since the Transferology student is not enrolled at the school.
  • Any COM used to run an audit in Transferology or that will be rendered in DARwin interactive audit has restricted WIFDPROG setting options (see more details here).
  • Using a system condition code to turn on a special requirement, perhaps to display only when audits are initiated from Transferology. As an example, some schools will display a special text requirement at the top of their audit with a message for prospective students which they obviously don't want to display to enrolled students running audits on their campus.

Please review the information and recommendations on DARwin or uAchieve Settings for Transferology Schools.

4. Testing Degree Audits for Transferology Students

Institutions should test degree audits in the Transferology Lab test environment before adding them to production. Course Bundles can be used to test the application of credit to the audit. See Manage Programs: Run Programs for additional information.

Please email when ready to Go Live with your Degree Programs in Transferology.

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