Replacement Tab

In addition to transfer functionality, the Course Bundles also contain replacement functionality.

Lab users navigating to the Advising & Recruiting, Course Bundles menu will see the Course Bundles page and its tabbed layout. Tabs may include Transfer, Replacement, and Empty.

  1. Transfer path
    • Analogous to the Will My Courses Transfer (green path) functionality in the Transferology student application
  2. Replacement path
    • Analogous to the Find a Replacement Course (blue path) functionality in the Transferology student application
  3. (possibly) Empty path
    • Shows created bundles that have no courses
    • The Empty tab only displays when empty bundles are saved with no courses; otherwise, the Empty tab will not be visible

Empty Course Bundles?

The Course Bundles area will appear empty when no replacement bundles have yet been saved. Create a new replacement bundle by clicking +Create Replacement Bundle.


The Find a Replacement Course (blue path) functionality found in the Transferology student application is now available to staff working in the Transferology Lab via the Course Bundles page. On the Replacement tab, you may perform several functions as detailed below:



1 View/Edit existing replacement bundle
2 # of Courses
3 Create new Replacement Bundle
4 View/Edit
5 Create copy
7 View Matches
8 Delete

Edit Replacement Bundle

To quickly and easily edit an existing Replacement Bundle, click directly on its hyperlinked name:

The Replacement Bundle details will open in a new screen where you can use the two tabs (on the left) to view and manage the existing Course List (on the right):

NOTE: The "School You Currently Attend" field is grayed out (inaccessible) unless you click the Start Over hyperlink.

Replacement Tabs

On the right side of the screen is the Course List, populated with courses from your school that need replacement courses.

  • The ability to Delete All courses simplifies management of the Course List

Navigate the tabbed options to add coursework by Courses and/or Requirement Categories to populate the Course List:

Courses tab

The Courses tab is displayed, by default, with lookup fields for Term (year/term) and Department:

Requirement Categories tab

From the Requirement Categories tab, select an Requirement Category Name to add from the list:

Populate a Course List

  1. Add courses to the existing Course List on the Replacement Bundle by typing a department of interest in the Department field.
  2. Select a course from the generated course list within the designated department using the Add button.
  3. Alternately, you can manually choose a course via the Add it Yourself hyperlink.
  4. The course is then added onto the right side of the screen at the top of the Course List area.

Delete Course/s

You can delete an individual course or delete all courses in the Course List. Any deletions will prompt a confirmation window:

Prevent additional dialogs: To prevent the page from creating additional dialogs, click the checkbox and click the OK button to complete the deletion. 

When the deleted course is removed from the Course List, a red warning bubble temporarily appears in the upper right part of the screen:

  • Delete individual courses in the course list using that course's respective Delete button. The course will be removed from the Course List.
  • Delete all courses in the Replacement Bundle's Course List using the Delete All hyperlink.

Search for Matches

Click the Search for Matches button to search for matches to courses on the Replacement Bundle's Course List. The Schools Found page is displayed with school matches displayed (high → low), 100 per page.

In the previous example, over 2,000 schools have matches to the Course List. Filter or Sort the search results, or scroll to the institution of interest.

Filter and Sort

Filter and Sort options can narrow the matches even further to meet your specific needs. Two areas allow for filtering the Schools Found results:

  • Filter Text Field (top of page) allows filtering by school or by city 
  • Sort/Filter Box (top right of page) allows sorting and filtering:
    • Sort
      • Match
      • Distance
      • Population
      • Tuition
    • Filter
      • Distance (miles or zip code)
      • State
      • Tuition
      • Population
      • School Type


A red "no matches found" alert appears at the top of the page when filtering criteria returns no matches. Select fewer filters or clear existing filters and try again.

For example, you may narrow the matches to only include those schools that reside within a certain distance of your zip code. For example, 28 schools reside within 50 miles:

Use the Sort/Filter box on the right to focus only on a specified selection of the generated list.


Sort rearranges all of the matches to show in a particular order that the user dictates from the drop-down menu:

  • Best Match (top, default)
  • Distance Increasing
  • Distance Decreasing
  • Population Increasing
  • Population Decreasing
  • Tuition Increasing
  • Tuition Decreasing


Filter selects only certain matches to show that fit within the parameters selected by the user from the drop-down menu:

  • Distance
  • Any distance (top, default)
  • Less than 25 miles
  • Less than 50 miles
  • Less than 100 miles
  • Less than 250 miles
  • Less than 500 miles
  • Online only

Under the distance filter, change the zip code at any time by clicking on the current zip code [of the school name(s) input]:

A text field allows the user to input a custom zip code or to reset the zip code to the current location via the compass button.

  • State

  • Any State (top, default)
  • <alphabetical listing of states, including US territories and districts>
  • Tuition Cost

  • Any tuition amount (top, default)
  • Up to $
  • Up to $
  • Up to $$
  • Up to $$
  • Student Population

  • Any population (top, default)
  • Up to 3,600
  • Up to 7,750
  • Up to 14,300
  • Up to 22,750
  • School Type (e.g. Public, Private)

  • Any school type (top, default)
  • Public
  • Private not-for-profit
  • Private for-profit
  • Year

  • Any year (top, default)
  • 4 year
  • 2 year
  • Less than 2 year

Favorites Only

Check the Favorites only checkbox to display only those schools selected as your favorites on the School Results page.

View Replacement Course Matches

View the courses from this school to determine replacement course options. Navigate to the school and click its blue Match button: 

The course matches will be displayed for the selected school with matches listed on top, no matches on the bottom. Contact information for the chosen institution is listed on the right side of the page.

Specific courses with additional information appear labeled with a blue information icon that will display a Glossary Message upon mouse click.

Return to the previous list of matches using the Return to Search button or Print to print out a hard copy of the institution matches.

Create Replacement Bundle

Create a new Replacement bundle using the Create Replacement Bundle button on the Replacement tab of the Course Bundles page.

  1. (Optional) Create a unique name for the Replacement course bundle in the Bundle Name field.

    NOTE: If a custom Bundle Name is not created, the default name is always set to "New Bundle mm/dd/yy" of the date created.

  2. Enter the name of the school you currently attend in the School You Currently Attend field. Be careful of spelling since this can result in no results found. 
  3. Enter the department for the course in the Department field. Be careful of spelling since this can result in no results found.
  4. Add courses from the generated course list using the Add button. If your course is not listed in the generated list, use the Add it Yourself hyperlink.

    5. The Course List on the right side of the screen will populate as courses are added.

    6. (Optional) Return to Step 3 to add additional courses from other Departments, if necessary.

    7. Click the blue Search for Matches button.

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