Course Bundles: Manage Replacement Bundles

Course Bundles are grouped collections of Courses, Standardized Exams, Military Credits, and program requirements within Transferology® Lab. These can be used by college staff to provide students with more efficient advisements and to research transfer scenarios. Pre-named bundles can be automatically created from advising & recruiting leads.  This article provides an overview of how to manage existing Replacement bundles.

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To manage a Replacement Course Bundle:

  1. Go to Advising & Recruiting.
  2. Select Course Bundles.
  3. Select the Replacement tab.
    • By default, the Transfer tab will be selected. 

Any previously saved bundles will populate the table in hyperlinked text format.

Use the grid actions to manage Replacement Course Bundles:

Column Example Description/Actions Available
Replacement Bundle Name

G. Nolan-Thompson - Summer 2023

Name of the Course Bundle

Select the hyperlinked name or the number of courses (3) to view/edit the bundle

Hover over the "present" icon to see the email of the person who shared the bundle: 
Last Updated 1/6/23 12:52 PM Date and time of the bundle's last update 

Created 1/6/23 12:46 PM Date and time of the bundle's creation


View/edit the existing bundle and course list:
Create a copy of the course bundle (include all coursework):Share the Course Bundle with another Transferology® Lab user:View matches in the Schools Found page:
Delete the bundle:

View/Edit Bundles

To view or modify a bundle:

  1. Select the view/edit button.
    • The Edit Bundle screen will appear.
  2. To rename the bundle, navigate to the box under Bundle Name*. Use the keyword to adjust the title.
  3. To remove a Course from the Course List, select the delete button (trash-can icon) to its right. 
    • To delete all courses from the institution from the list, select the Delete All button to the right of the institution's name.
  4. To add additional Courses or Requirement Categories, see Course Bundles: Create Replacement Bundles ("Add Courses to Bundles").

Copy Course Bundles

To create a copy of a bundle:

  1. Select the create copy button.
  2. The bundle will appear within the hyperlinked list under the name Copy of (Bundle Name).

Share Course Bundles

To share a course bundle with another Transferology® Lab user:

  1. Select the share bundle with someone button.
  2. Select the user to share the bundle with from the list of Transferology Lab users. 
    • Mark the checkbox to the right of the user's email.
    • To share with all Lab users, choose the Select button and select All
      • If an error is made, reselect None to clear the selections and start again.
  3. The Send Email? checkbox is enabled by default. Unselect this checkbox if an email should not go to the person with whom the bundle is being shared.
  4. Select Share.
    • Or select Close to return to the Transfer bundle page without sharing the bundle.

View Matches

Select the view matches button to see how courses will transfer to the school currently being attended. See Course Bundles: View Replacement Matches for additional steps (go to "The Schools Found page will appear.")

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