Course Bundles: Sort and Filter Replacement Bundle Matches

Course Bundles are grouped collections of courses, standardized exams, military credits, and program requirements within Transferology® Lab. These can be used by college staff to provide students with more efficient advisements and to research transfer scenarios. Pre-named bundles can be automatically created from advising & recruiting leads.

Staff can create Replacement Bundles and Collaborative Replacement Bundles to find courses students can transfer back to the home institution to fulfill course or program requirements. Sometimes, the list of schools from which courses can be taken is extensive. This article will detail how to use Sort and Filter options to narrow Match results to specific needs/preferences.

This article presumes that the reader has already navigated to the Schools Found page and is ready to view Replacement Bundle Match results. See Course Bundles: View Replacement Bundle Matches for more information about how to locate this page.

In the below example, 11 schools have a Match to the course or Requirement Category in the Replacement Bundle. The Lab user may wish to narrow down these results using the Sort and Filter options highlighted to find specific schools or those that meet certain criteria.

Callouts illustrate the location of the filter bar, the looking for a particular school button, and the Sort and Filter options.
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Filter Options

Filter Field

The Filter field is above the Match results table. Type in the name of the school or city to help locate an institution.

Filter field as described above.
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Looking for a particular school?

To view Match results for a specific institution:

  1. Select the Looking for a particular school? hyperlink above the search bar. 
Callout highlights the location of the Looking for a particular school hyperlink
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  1. Select a state from the drop-down.
  2. Select a school name from the drop-down.
  3. Select View Matches.
    • The institution's results page will appear if the school has Matches to courses or Requirement Categories in the Replacement Bundle. 
    • If the school does not have Matches to these courses or Requirement Categories, a message will indicate that the institution has not yet identified matches for your courses at this time. Contact the school for more information.

Tip: Navigate the State and Select a school drop-down menus quicker by selecting the first letter in each name with the keyboard. 

Sort/Filter Box

The following options are available within the Sort/Filter Box: 

Sort Filter box as described below

Select Apply to display filtered results. 

Select Clear filters to remove the applied filter or any selected filter choices.

Sort Order

Sort rearranges all the Matches to display in the order the user dictates from the drop-down.

Choices are:

  • Best Match (default)
  • Distance increasing
  • Distance decreasing
  • Population increasing
  • Population decreasing
  • Tuition & Fees increasing
  • Tuition & Fees decreasing


Filter displays only those Matches that fit within the parameters the user selects from the drop-down.

Category Options/Instructions

Select from the drop-down:

Any distance (from the Lab user's school Zip Code; default)

less than 25 miles

less than 50 miles

less than 100 miles

less than 250 miles

less than 500 miles

online only

Select the hyperlinked Zip Code to update the user's location


Select a state from the drop-down

Only those states wherein school Matches are found will display; Standardized Examinations may also appear in the menu

Any state is selected by default

Tuition & Fees

Select from the drop-down:

Any tuition & fee amount (default)

up to $

up to $ $

up to $ $ $

up to $ $ $ $

up to $ $ $ $ $

See Population and Tuition Icons for information about how the tuition ranges are defined within Transferology®


Select from the drop-down:

Any undergrads (default)

up to 3,600

up to 7,750

up to 14,300

up to 22,750

Up to Max

School Type

Select from the drop-down:

Any school type (default)


Private not-for-profit

Private for-profit

Favorite Schools

Enable the Favorites only checkbox to limit results to schools designated as Favorite Schools

By default, this box is unchecked 

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