Course Bundles: View Transfer Bundle Matches

Course Bundles are grouped collections of courses, standardized exams, military credits, and program requirements within Transferology® Lab. These can be used by college staff to provide students with more efficient advisements and to research transfer scenarios. Pre-named bundles can be automatically created from advising & recruiting leads. This article provides an overview of how to search for and view Matches to courses, exams, and credits contained within Transfer Bundle and Collaborative Transfer Bundles.

To view Matches to a bundle:

  1. Go to the Advising & Recruiting menu.
  2. Select Course Bundles.
    • By default, the Transfer tab will be selected. 
    • If viewing results for Collaborative Transfer Bundle, select the Collaborative tab.
  3. Previously saved bundles will populate the table.
    • Locate the bundle name.
      • If the list of bundles on the page is extensive, use the filter bar to search for the bundle.
    • Under Actions, select the view matches (%) button to the right of the bundle name.
Callout illustrates location of view matches button within a Course Bundle on the Transfer tab.
Transfer Bundle within the Transfer tab. Select to see a larger version.
Callout illustrates location of view Matches button within a Collaborative Transfer Bundle.
Collaborative Transfer Bundle. Select to see a larger version.

4. The Schools Found page will appear. The Transferology® Lab user's college will appear at the top (My School). 

  • Scroll through the results, ranked from highest to lowest % Match. 
  • Use the sort and filter options to the right to narrow results to specific needs/preferences.
  • Select the Return to the top button at the end of the Match results to quickly navigate back to the top of the list.
Schools Found page. 186 institutions that have evaluated at least one course, exam, or military credit in the Course Bundle appear in the results.
Select to see a larger version

If viewing Matches to a personal Transfer Bundle - or viewing a Collaborative Transfer Bundle in which the user has edit capabilities - the user can make adjustments to the bundle by selecting Edit (Name of) bundle:

Screenshot of edit button as described above

5. Select the % Match next to the school name to view the Match results.

Match percentage button

Up to four tabs - labeled Matches, Maybe, Misses, and Taken Here - will display.

The Match results from CollegeSource University SH are displayed. On the Matches tab, equivalencies to 1 Advanced Placement exam and 6 courses are listed.
Select to see a larger version
Matches Courses, exams, and military credits on this tab have been evaluated by the school as transferring to or earning credit at the institution (assuming they are completed with passing grades).
Maybes Courses, exams, and military credits on this tab have yet to be evaluated by the institution. They may or may not transfer or earn credit.

This tab serves two purposes:

  1. To indicate which courses, exams, and military credits have been evaluated by the institution and will not transfer to earn credit there.
  2. To show how courses would transfer if additional courses were taken.
    • The additional courses required are shown in italics.
Taken Here Courses listed on this tab are from the institution whose Match results are being viewed

  1. Select Expand all notes to see further details about an equivalency.
    • Select Collapse all notes to hide the notes.
Image of expanded note.
Select to see a larger version

Or select the information icon next to a course to view these same details.

    • To hide the note, click or tab away from it.

Note as displayed when selecting the information icon.
Select to see a larger version

TES Mode

Colleges with a TES® subscription can use the TES Mode feature within Transferology® Lab to send courses from the Maybes tab for review in TES, without having to leave the Lab. See TES Mode for more information.

Callout illustrates location of TES Mode tab.
Select to see a larger version

View Program Information

Select View Program Information within the School Profile to see how courses will apply to a Program. See How to View Program Information for details.

Callout illustrates location of the View  Program Information button.

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