Course Bundles: Export Transfer Bundles

Course Bundles are grouped collections of courses, standardized exams, military credits, and program requirements within Transferology® Lab. These can be used by college staff to provide students with more efficient advisements and to research transfer scenarios. Pre-named bundles can be automatically created from advising & recruiting leads. This article provides steps for exporting Transfer and Collaborative Transfer Bundles.

To export a Transfer Bundle:

  1. Go to the Advising & Recruiting menu.
  2. Select Course Bundles.
    • By default, the Transfer tab will be selected. 
    • If exporting a Collaborative Transfer Bundle, select the Collaborative tab.
  3. Previously saved bundles will populate the table.
    • To the right of the bundle name, under Actions, select the export bundle button.
Callout illustrates location of export bundle button within a Course Bundle on the Transfer tab.
Transfer Bundle within the Transfer tab. Select to see a larger version.
Callout illustrates location of export bundle button within a Collaborative Transfer Bundle.
Collaborative Transfer Bundle. Select to see a larger version.

Export Course Bundle pop-up as described below

Field Instructions Restrictions
File name

Key in the file name for the bundle to be exported

The File name field generates a default file name that may be customized before export

Format of the default file name:


File Type

Select from:


Data configured as a CSV file can be opened in Microsoft® Excel


Data configured within a JSON file can be opened with most text editors

Institutions can work with college or university IT staff to import these files into a Student Information System (SIS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution


  1. Select Export.

Export Fields

Included in the export are the following fields:


Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) institution ID number


College, university, or organization the course is from


Transfer institution course identifier (often structured as a subject + number)


Name of the course (a brief label)


Term the course was entered/selected in Transferology


Credit value of the course (educational systems vary; this number could represent semester, quarter, unit, or other credit types)


Source of data (Transferology Lab)

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