Course Bundles: Manage Empty Bundles

Course Bundles are grouped collections of Courses, Standardized Exams, Military Credits, and program requirements within Transferology┬« Lab. These can be used by college staff to provide students with more efficient advisements and to research transfer scenarios. Pre-named bundles can be automatically created from advising & recruiting leads.  This article provides an overview of how to manage empty course bundles.

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To navigate to Course Bundles:

  1. Go to Advising & Recruiting.
  2. Select Course Bundles.

By default, the Transfer tab will be selected. Any previously saved bundles will populate the table in hyperlinked text format.

Manage Empty Bundles

  1. Select the Empty tab.
    • The Empty Bundle name will be listed on the left-most tab, followed by the date Last updated, and the date Created:
  2. The following actions are available: 
    1. Under Add Courses, select Transfer or Replacement (depending on the type of bundle one intends to create).
    2. The Edit Bundle screen within the path selected will appear. Proceed with editing/adding courses to the bundle using the instructions below:

To delete the bundle, select the delete button (trash can icon).

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