Filter Box

The list of matching schools may be extensive; easily manage your matches using the filter box.

Filter and Sort options can narrow the matches even further to meet your specific needs. Two areas allow for filtering the Schools Found results:
  • Filter Text Field (top of page) allows filtering by school or by city 
  • Sort/Filter Box (top right of page) allows sorting and filtering:

Sort rearranges all of the matches to show in a particular order that the user dictates from the drop-down menu.

  • Best Match
  • Distance (increasing or decreasing)
  • Population (increasing or decreasing)
  • Tuition & Fees (increasing or decreasing)


Filter selects only certain matches to show that fit within the parameters selected by the user from the drop-down menu.

  • Distance (by mile increments or from a zip code)
    • Under the distance filter, change the zip code at any time by clicking on the current zip code [of the school name(s) input]:

  • A text field allows the user to input a custom zip code or to reset the zip code to the current location via the compass button.


  • Any state
  • Individual states

Tuition & Fees

  • By $


  • By number of undergraduate students

School Type

  • Any school type (default)
  • Public
  • Private not-for-profit
  • Private for-profit


  • Any year
  • 4 year
  • 2 year

A red "no matches found" alert appears at the top of the page when filtering criteria returns no matches.

 Select fewer filters or clear existing filters and try again.

For example, you may narrow the matches to only include those schools that reside within a certain distance of your zip code (in the example below, less than 50 miles):

Use the Sort/Filter box on the right to focus only on a specified selection of the list. Also note the number of matches hidden based upon the selected filter (underlined in red, upper left).

Favorites Only

Option to select the checkbox to display only those schools selected as your Favorites on the School Results page.

New in 1.9

School is online only

Option to select the checkbox to display only those schools designated as online only schools

School is online only checkbox 1.9.jpg

Offers programs

Select schools to display based upon delivery type or by designated program or major

  • On Campus

Option to select the checkbox to display schools with on campus programs

On Campus programs checkbox 1.9.jpg

  • Online

Option to select the checkbox to display schools with online programs

Online programs checkbox 1.9.jpg

  • Program/Major Search

Select schools to display based upon the name of a program or major input in the field box

Program or Major Search 1.9.jpg

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