TES Mode

The purpose of TES Mode is to help users target the courses from other institutions for which students most want transfer answers. Users with the TES evaluations role assigned to their account may enter TES Mode to create evaluation tasks from courses appearing in four areas of the Transferology Lab:

  1. Course Bundles
  2. Recruit Students 
  3. Advise Students
  4. Unknown Equivalencies

Note: TES Mode is only available in Unknown Equivalencies to those users assigned the role of School Administrator or Transfer Specialist  AND TES Evaluator

When viewing matches in the Course Bundles, TES Mode tab is available for those courses listed on the Maybe tab (i.e., courses that have not yet been reviewed by this school and therefore may not transfer), if applicable. Remember: The institution the Lab user is logged in from must have an active subscription for TES in order to utilize this function.

TES Evaluation Integration (TES Mode)