Create State/System Landing Pages: Sample Landing Page

States/systems can create a customized, branded Transferology® landing page to help promote colleges and universities to prospective students. When navigating to Transferology through the system's referral link or badge, students will see the customized page (assuming it is published) instead of the CollegeSource-branded homepage. This article within Create State/System Landing Pages: An Overview Guide contains images of a landing page. Its primary aim is to help states/systems see what page elements are affected by primary and second color selections.

Sample Landing Page

Below is an example of a sample state/system landing page for fictional CollegeSource Universities.

  • The primary color hex used is #00008b (dark blue).
  • The secondary color hex used is #b94700 (orange).

The primary and secondary colors below were chosen to draw visual attention to the areas of the page affected by color choice. They are not intended to be representative of color choices that an institution may make for a landing page.

State System landing page image 1

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