Replacement Courses: Search by Department

Sometimes, students need to take coursework at an institution other than the one currently attending. The Replacement Courses feature in Transferology® Lab enables institutions to assist students in finding classes that would transfer to the home college or university and fulfill degree requirements there. This article overviews how staff can search for courses that have been identified as equivalent to classes at the home institution. 

To begin searching for a replacement course:

  1. Go to the Advising & Recruiting menu.
  2. Select Replacement Courses.
  3. The Replacement Courses page appears, with text fields for School Name and Department.
    • The School Name field auto-populates with the name of the user's institution.
      • Highlight the school name and press backspace to look up a replacement course for a different institution. Enter and select the institution name.

Search by Department

Suppose a student wants to take the equivalent of the home school's College Algebra at another institution over the summer. 

To locate equivalent courses:

  1. Type the name of the department into the Department search field.
    • The responsive search field will populate with department names containing the characters entered.
  2. Select the Department.
  3. Select the Search icon next to the appropriate course.
Callouts highlight the location of the Department search box and the Search button to the right of courses.
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Transferology® Lab will search the established equivalencies in the home institution's database. Through "reverse lookup," a list will be provided of courses at other institutions that would transfer back as equivalent to the one selected if taken this term.

  1. Review the results.

Match results are presented alphabetically by institution name followed by course code. Since Match results may be long, only the first 2,500 rules are displayed. By default, results are limited to schools within the state the user's institution is located within. The distance of the school from the user's institution is noted in the details of each match. See Apply a Filter for instructions on adjusting the default filters.

Results from three institutions display on the page.
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  1. Select the underlined course to view its description (if available): 
Callout points to the hyperlink to the course description. The description for MATH1420 from Alexandria Technical and Community College appears.
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Apply A Filter

Two filter options are available for viewing results:

  1. Filter by source school name; or
  2. Narrow results by distance or state using the Filter box.
Filter options as described below.
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Filter by Source School Name

Type in the name of the institution into the Filter by source school name field and select Apply.

Filter Box

Within the Filter box, a user can filter results by distance or state. By default, results are limited to schools within the state the user's institution is located within.

Filter By Distance

By default, "Any distance" from the user's institution's zip code is selected.

To change the filter:

  1. Use the drop-down to select one of the following options:
    • Any distance
    • less than 25 miles
    • less than 50 miles
    • less than 100 miles
    • less than 250 miles
    • less than 500 miles
    • online only
  1. To update the zip code, select the hyperlinked postal code.
    • To clear the zip code field, select X.
    • Select the location button to use the zip code of the user's current location. 
      • A pop-up dialog box prompts the user to either Allow or Block the application from accessing the individual's location.
      • Select the checkbox to accept the zip code in the field box.
  2. Select Apply to apply the new filter.
    • To clear the selected filter, select Clear Filters.

Filter By State

By default, the Filter box returns search results from the state the user's institution is located within.

To change the filter:

  1. Use the drop-down to select:
    • All Locations
      • Only schools with course matches will appear.
    • U.S. state, territory, or federal district
    • International
    • Canadian provinces and territories
    • Military Course
    • Military Occupation
    • Online-only
    • Standardized Exam
  1. Select Apply to apply the new filter.
    • To clear the selected filter, select Clear Filters.

Email Results

To share the results:

  1. Select Email these results (above the Filter box).

Callout illustrates the location of the Email these results button.

  1. Enter the email address of the recipient in the To field.
    • This is required, as indicated by the red asterisk. 
  2. Enter an email address in the CC field to carbon copy (optional).
  3. Enter a custom message (optional).
    • If nothing is entered, the recipient will see the message "Here are your replacement course results."
  4. Uncheck Include my contact information if the user's Transferology® Lab username and email address should not be shared with the recipient.
  5. Select Send results.
    • The email will be sent with the subject "Replacement Course Results."

Callouts illustrate the location of the To field and Send results button.

A pop-up notification will appear, indicating the replacement course email was sent: 

Text reads Replacement course email sent.

Below is an example of an email a user could receive:

Example email as described above.
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