Check Transfer Rules

NOTE: Check Transfer Rules functionality is restricted to Transfer Specialists only. 

Check Transfer Rules serves as a reference area within Transferology to help guide the changes that a Transfer Specialist may (or may not) perform on institutional transfer rules. The percentage match of the transfer rules between the Source School and your school indicates the level of equivalency.

Check Transfer Rules gives the Transfer Specialist an indication of the quality of their institution's transfer rules by identifying areas that need attention. Changes to institutional transfer rules must be implemented with discretion on the part of the Transfer Specialist, as changes to institutional transfer rules will have far-reaching effects.

Under the Rule Management drop-down menu, select Check Transfer Rules:

Check Transfer Rules Page

The Check Transfer Rules page appears, which is where rule validation occurs. The table of Source Schools matches is presented, with statistics summarized at the top of the page in addition to filter/sort areas:

Source School Table




Match %

Blue hyperlinks indicate the percentage of match between the transfer tables at your institution and those of the Source School

NOTE: A Match % of "0" indicates that all of the transfer rules are mismatched. The student will therefore never get a course match from this transfer school.

Source School

Blue hyperlinks for the Institutions that your school accepts transfer credit from


State in which a Source School resides

Total Depts

Misses: Number of transfer rules between your institution and the specific Source School that do not match

Matches: Number of transfer rules between your institution and the specific Source School that match

Total Depts: The total number of departments included in the transfer rules comparison between your institution and the specific Source School

Misses + Matches = Total Depts

Click  Revalidate button to update all transfer rules on the listed Source Schools and re-run stats:

Click the blue Source School hyperlink (or its Match % hyperlink) to view details about its rule validation on the school page:

The detailed school page contains three tabs: Misses (appears by default) and/or Matches and Catalog Departments.

These are reference-only tabs except for the Misses tab, which contains an Export button for exporting data to Microsoft Excel.  All tabs have a Return to School List button for navigation back to the previous Rules Validation page.

Why Do I Have No Matches?

Under ideal circumstances, all of your institution's transfer rules would match all of your Source School's departments. However, this is not reality. What can be done to troubleshoot low matches? Or  no matches? (captured in the screenshot below):

The following are some considerations for the Transfer Specialist in troubleshooting low (or no) matches:

  • The Transfer Evaluation System (TES) may not have the data for all of the catalog years, or the most updated catalog, for the Source School (a common scenario with a quarters-to-semesters conversion, for example)
  • TES may not have the transcript department for the Source School, and your rules utilize the transcript department (a transcript key can help)
  • Check the Transfer Rules page
  • Short term: use the Catalog Departments tab to use the correct Department abbreviation and change your transfer rules (cautiously) accordingly to increase matches.

NOTE: Beware of changing transfer rules solely for Transferology, as these changes will significantly impact transfer credit processing on your campus!

  • Long term: CollegeSource is planning to provide a method of mapping the departments in your rules to departments in the catalogs

Misses Tab

The Misses tab lists departments that are used in your school's transfer rules, but do not exist in the selected Source School's catalog:




Department Lists the departments from the Source School's course catalog
Lists the rules in the following conversion format: Source School course designation → Target School (your school) course designation

In the screenshot provided, the transfer rules show that Source School uses numeric designations for department, whereas your institution uses letters.     

NOTE: Transfer rules listed on the Misses tab will  never match courses that students add from the catalog. Text cues on the Misses tab can sometimes help the Transfer Specialist understand the deficit, e.g., "Need Syllabus,"  "No Transfer," "Remedial":

  • No Transfer: the Transfer Specialist's school dictates no transfer with the Source School
  • Remedial: indicates a remedial course

Matches Tab

The Matches tab lists departments that are used in your school's transfer rules that exactly match the departments used in the selected Source School's catalog:




Department Lists the departments from your institution's transfer rules
Rule Count Lists the number of times the specific department is found to match in the transfer rules to indicate equivalency

NOTE: Alphanumeric characters, spacing, and use of wildcard characters (*) must match  exactly, otherwise a mismatch will report on the Misses tab.

For example:
ENG 221 ≠ ENG221

Catalog Departments Tab

The Catalog Departments tab lists all of the departments that exist in the selected Source School's catalog:




Department Lists the departments from your institution's course catalog
Dates Lists the Y/T date ranges of the department catalog

Remember: Return to School List link may be clicked from any tab to navigate to the previous school list. Avoid using your web browser navigation.


Statistics are summarized into two columns at the top of the Rule Validation page to serve as a quick reference for the Transfer Specialist: Stats and Overall.


The Stats column summarizes statistics  based upon the applied filter, if applicable (see the filter applied by state "Texas" in the example below). The Stats column is therefore more specific to the Transfer Specialist's school. 


The Overall column summarizes statistics based upon overall school data, and is therefore more generalized. When no filter is selected ("Any state"), the Overall column does not appear and all data is then summarized in the Stats column:

Sorting and Filtering

Sort and filter the Check Transfer Rules results in the box on the right side of the screen:

Click Apply to apply the specific sort or filter. Alternately, click Clear Filters to remove custom settings. Sort will revert to "Match % increasing." Filter settings will revert to "Any state," "0," and "100.


Several options available for sorting Matches and Misses rule validation data include the following:

  • Match % increasing (by default, this option lists transfer rules that need the most work first)
  • Match % decreasing
  • Misses increasing
  • Misses decreasing
  • Matches increasing
  • Matches decreasing


Filter Field

The filter field located directly above the Rule Validation table allows the Equivalency Manager to key in the school name of the source school:

Filter Box

The filter box allows the Equivalency Manager to filter by two methods: by the state drop-down menu and/or by setting a Match % range:

  • Filter

The Filter drop-down menu contains the state that a source school resides in, but also includes military parameters, US territories, international options, and Standardized Exams. Click on the drop-down menu arrow to make a different selection.

NOTE: By default, the state the Transfer Specialist is logged in from populates the Filter drop-down menu.
  • Match %

The Match % area contains two fields (from/to) to indicate a Match % range. For example, the Transfer Specialist may want to filter results between "50" and "99" (100 means complete, and so would not require work) to analyze Source School with higher percentages of matching, which means less work than, say, filtering between "0" and "50."