Replacement Courses

The Replacement Course page allows users to assist the student who approaches them for guidance in taking a course at another school (over the summer, for example) at their leisure in order to transfer it back to their home school. Therefore, Replacement Course functionality is a sort of reverse lookup: select the course at the distant school to determine where else a student can take it to get the credit transferred back.

  1. From the Advising & Recruiting tab, click the Replacement Courses option.
  2. The Replacement Courses page appears, with text fields for School Name and Department:
  3. In the School Name field, type in the name of the school the student would like to receive the credit from. In the Department field (default), type in the desired Department OR search by alt course or iflg instead.

Alternate Search: by Alt Course or iflg

  1. Instead of searching by Department, some users may prefer to search by Alt Course or iflg instead in order to give an alternate identification or iflag to a target course. Click on the Search by alt course or iflg instead link to access this field.
  2. For example, if a student has taken a foreign language (e.g., Arabic) at another institution but we do not offer Arabic, the student may still be granted generic credit toward a Foreign Language requirement. Alt Course and iflg are applicable in the student audit.
  3. To return to searching by Department (the default), click on the Search for department instead link.

View Replacement Courses

  1. A list of courses that may serve as a replacement course is generated.
  2. Scroll to the Course of interest and select the green Search button.
  3. These are the results of the Find a Replacement Course, presented alphabetically (notice that distance of the school and course numbers are detailed with each match). Since the number of match results may be quite exhaustive, only the first 2500 rules are displayed. Applying a Filter can enhance match results.

Find a Replacement Course Filter

On the Find a Replacement Course tab, filtering may occur by source school name, by distance, or by location. By default, the Filter box is set to filter "Any Distance" from the zip code of the school.

Filter by Distance

Filter by Distance is a filter applied to narrow results down to a certain number of miles from a specified zip code.

Select a distance option from the drop-down menu:

  • Any distance
  • Less than 25 miles
  • Less than 50 miles
  • Less than 100 miles
  • Less than 250 miles
  • Less than 500 miles
  • online only

Specify a zip code by clicking on the blue zip code link (by default, the zip code is set to the zip code of the selected school). To clear the zip code field, click the 'x' button.

To use the zip code of the user's current location, click the <x> button. A pop-up dialog box prompts the user to either Allow or Block the application from accessing the user's location. To accept the zip code in the field box, click the green checkbox.

Filter by State

Select a different state from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: Only states containing schools with course matches are options in the "All Locations" drop-down menu.

Within the Replacement Course list of matches, the user may Return to Search to go back or Email these results.

NOTE: The format and layout of the results displayed in the email closely follow that of the Results page. 

*Avoid use of the web browser's back arrow to navigate.

Apply Filter

To apply the selected filter, click the Apply button.

Clear Filters

To clear the selected filter, click the Clear Filters button.