Replacement Courses

Sometimes, students need to take coursework at an institution other than the one currently attending. This may be due to going home for the summer or life circumstances that require changing plans. These students must find courses that would transfer to the home institution and fulfill degree requirements there. The Replacement Courses feature in Transferology® Lab enables institutions to assist students in finding these classes. This article provides an overview of help resources available to staff when using this feature.


Replacement Courses: Search by Department

This article provides an overview of how to search for replacement courses using the Department name.

Replacement Courses: Search by Alt Course or Iflg

This article illustrates how institutions can help students find courses that can transfer back to the home institution as fulfilling a requirement (such as a liberal education category). Instead of searching for equivalents to the home institution's courses, the user searches for courses within transfer articulation rules that contain a specific ACourse/AltCourse, User Added Home Course, Course Tag, or IFlag. This is done through the alt course or iflg search. Each ACourse/AltCourse, User Added Home Course, and Course Tag will be labeled as an (acourse) within the search. Each IFlag will be labeled as an (iflg).

An ACourse or AltCourse is a secondary identity that a course carries to help it meet a requirement on an audit.  

    • In uAchieve®, these are the ACourses in the Alternate Course field.
    • Transferology® additionally treats the User Added Home Courses and Course Tags within TES® as ACourses/AltCourses.

IFlags (also called "IFlgs" or "institutional flags") are one-to-three character values within uAchieve that an institution chooses to represent course characteristics. Just like ACourses/AltCourses, IFlags can be used to match coursework on a degree audit. 


A video overview of Replacement Courses begins at minute 2:25.

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