Delete a Source Department Alias within Check Transfer Rules

Check Transfer Rules provides institutions a means to review the alignment of department names used in transfer rules with those in the Source School's TES® catalogs.  When a Match percentage is less than 100%, this means that an institution's rules contain departments that are not found within the Source School's catalog. The referenced article explains that there are various reasons this could occur. Institutions can create Source Department Aliases to map the departments used in the rules to the ones within TES to achieve Match results. 

Read below for an explanation of how to delete Source Department Aliases. Users are required to have the Transfer Specialist role to perform this action.

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Deleting a Source Department Alias will impact Match results in Transferology. Before deleting, ensure that the impact of deleting the alias is understood. 

To delete a Source Department Alias in Transferology® Lab: 

  1. Select Rule Management.
  2. Select Check Transfer Rules.
  3. Select Revalidate.
    • This ensures current information is reflected on the page.
      • Wait for the notification that the validation is complete before proceeding. 
  4. Select the Source School.
    • Filter by school name if desired.
  5. Select the Aliases tab.
  6. Locate the Department Alias needing deletion.
  7. Select the trash can to the right of the Department Alias to be deleted.
  8. A confirmation screen will appear, asking for verification that the Department Alias should be deleted. Select Yes.
  9. A notification will confirm the Department Alias has been deleted. 
    • It will no longer appear on the Aliases tab.

It's important to note that deleting the Source Department Alias will not change the review Status on the Misses tab. 

  • If Marked Reviewed was selected after the Source Department Alias was created, this status will remain in place after the Alias is deleted. If the Transfer Specialist deems that department review is again necessary now that the Alias has been deleted, the status must be adjusted. Select Undo Review Status to mark the department as unreviewed.

Upon the next Transferology upload, the Department Alias will no longer apply to rules containing the Rule Source Department. When students or fellow Transferology Lab users search for Matches to courses(s) via the course catalog, rules using the Rule Source Department will no longer appear in Matches. To see a change in the Match % on the Check Transfer Rules page, rules must be revalidated.

Since the Department Alias was removed, the Match % has decreased:

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