ACourse and IFlag Scoring System

About ACourse/IFlg

ACourse and IFlg fields are an integral part of the rule scoring feature (discussed on this page) as well as category mappings in Transferology.

Both ACourse and IFlg fields are set in uAchieve/DARwin in the transfer articulation rules:

  • ACourses serve as a "also known as" for courses that could match a transfer rule
  • IFlgs provide additional checks that are used when deciding if a course matches a rule

Once the school's rules are loaded, Transferology simply reads these fields in, so there is no way to directly create an ACourse or IFlg.

ACourse/IFlg Scoring System

The ACourse/IFlg tab contains three Status buttons for performing score adjustments: Full Credit, Partial Credit, No Designation. How transfer courses are scored is based upon a combination of how specifically transfer courses can be matched (with or without wildcard character of asterisk " * ") and also weighted with the Status Button, as explained below in more detail:


No Designation is the default setting

In the Transferology Lab application

(for staff)

In the Transferology application

(for students)

Scenario* Status Button Score Icon Note to Student

Target course has some wildcard characters

80% "This course  may count for full credit and the credit awarded may be applicable to general studies and/or specific requirements within one or more degree programs."
Target course has some wildcard characters 100% "This course  will count for full credit and the credit awarded isapplicable to general studies and/or specific requirements within one or more degree programs."
Target course has no wildcard characters
N/A 100% N/A N/A

* Scenarios are listed in order from most generic match to most specific

When toggling between status buttons on the Category Mappings page, a green "success" bubble will appear in the upper right part of the screen to confirm the status change:


The Transfer Specialist may utilize filtering to Search and View an extensive list of courses.

Search Field

A Search field located directly above the course table allows for keying in a specific ACourse/Iflg value to narrow results displayed in the table:

View Box

A View box located to the right of the course table allows the Transfer Specialist to narrow the results display according to Status: Full Matches, Partial Matches, and/or No Designation. Place a checkmark in the desired selection box to see the course table results filtered:

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