Create and Remove School Alias Tags

A college can use School Alias Tags to improve search results and help students locate the school when searching in Transferology®. This article explains how to create these tags using memorable abbreviations, mascot names, and slogans.

What Are School Alias Tags?

School Alias Tags provide a way to improve a school's searchability in Transferology. Institutions input a word related to the school, such as its mascot, nickname, abbreviation, or slogan in Transferology Lab. When a student or fellow Transferology Lab user enters one of these tags when searching for a school or course, the institution will appear toward the top of the search results. If multiple institutions have the same tag, results will be sorted alphabetically by school name.

In the example below, a student has inputted CSU into the School Name search when looking for Matches in Transferology. Since CollegeSource University is using CSU as a School Alias Tag, the institution appears at/towards the top. 

Create School Alias Tags

Institutions can create up to five School Alias Tags in Transferology Lab. Tags must be 20 characters or less. Each school's email domain will be pre-populated as an alias tag. 

An email domain of CSU dot edu would result in the tag CSU:

To create School Alias Tags:

  1. Log into Transferology Lab.
  2. On Profile Preview, toggle Edit Preview.

  1. Navigate to the School Alias Tags box.
  2. Enter the tag name in the box.

  1. Select +Add.

The tag will appear below the entry box. Regardless of the casing used upon entering, all tags are capitalized when added. 

Aliases will be searchable approximately 20 minutes after being added.

Remove School Alias Tags

  1. Log into Transferology Lab.
  2. On Profile Preview, toggle Edit Profile.

  1. Navigate to the School Alias Tags box.
  2. Select the x next to the tag to be removed.
    • The x will become underlined; a box will display the word Remove.

A notification will confirm the alias has been removed. 

After approximately 20 minutes, the alias will no longer be associated with the institution in search results.

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