AP exam changes (Fall 2016)

Because it has been a few years since housekeeping was done with Transferology's AP exam courses, several changes are required to the Transferology AP exams to stay in sync with CollegeBoard's 2016-2017 exams.

The list of 2016-2017 AP exams was obtained from page four of the following document: https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap-student-datafile-format-2016.pdf

Depending on your school's transfer rules, you may need to make corresponding changes in your TA data.

2016 AP Exam Changes

Below are the dates for the housekeeping changes:

  • End date older exams- October 7, 2016
  • Add new exam- November 4, 2016
  • Minor exam title revisions- November 11, 2016
  • Remove non-existing AP exams - November 18, 2016

See the corresponding sections below for specific changes:

End Date Older Exams

These exams are no longer offered. The AP exam courses in Transferology's AP course catalog have already been end dated.

Exam Title LYT
AP33 Computer Science AB 200906
AP51 French Literature 200906
AP59 International English Language
AP61 Latin: Literature 200906
AP78 Physics B 201406

Add New Exam

One exam needs added, the start date will be 201609. If you have rules for the previous AP32 exam, please adjust accordingly.



AP32 Computer Science Principles

Minor Exam Title Revisions

To assist students, these exams titles will be revised to match the AP exam titles. 

NOTE: Although Transferology will allow course titles longer than 29 characters, the degree audit request for the course will only contain the first 29 characters.


New Transferology Title

Old Transferology Title

AP13 Art History History of Art
AP14 Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio Art:Studio Art-Drawing
AP15 Studio Art: 2-D Design Portfolio Art:Studio Art-2-D Design
AP16 Studio Art: 3-D Design Portfolio Art:Studio Art 3-D Design
AP22 Seminar AP - Seminar
AP23 Research AP - Research
AP28 Chinese Language & Culture Chinese Language and Culture
AP34 Microeconomics Economics: Microeconomics
AP35 Macroeconomics Economics: Macroeconomics
AP36 English Language & Composition English Language & Compositio
AP37 English Literature & Composition English Literature & Composit
AP48 French Language & Culture French Language
AP55 German Language & Culture German Language
AP57 United States Government & Politics Government & Politics: United
AP58 Comparative Government & Politics Government & Politics: Compar
AP60 Latin Latin: Vergil
AP62 Italian Language & Culture Italian Language and Culture
AP64 Japanese Language & Culture Japanese Language and Culture
AP69 Calculus BC: AB Subscore Calculus AB Subscore Grade
AP76 Music Aural Subscore Aural Subscore
AP77 Music Non-Aural Subscore Nonaural Subscore
AP80 Physics C: Mechanics Physics C Mechanics
AP82 Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism Physics C Electricity & magne
AP83 Physics 1 Physics 1: Algebra-based
AP84 Physics 2 Physics 2: Algebra-based
AP87 Spanish Language & Culture Spanish Language
AP89 Spanish Literature & Culture Spanish Literature

Remove Non-existing AP Exams

Due to earlier exam changes, several exam courses were added into Transferology with fake exam numbers. In hindsight, this was a mistake. The Transferology exam numbers need to stay in sync with the CollegeBoard AP exam numbers.

Please revise your equivalencies to use the correct exam courses.

We will remove the incorrect exam courses from the Transferology AP course catalog. All existing student courses and course bundles referencing the incorrect exam codes will be automatically revised to the correct exam code.

Incorrect Transferology Exam


Correct Transferology Exam

AP91 Computer Science Principles AP32
AP94 Italian Language & Culture AP62
AP95 Chinese Language & Culture AP28
AP96 Japanese Language & Culture AP64
AP97 Physics 1 AP83
AP98 Physics 2 AP84
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