Military Grades

Military Organization Pay Grade (Military Occupations only) Submitted Grade Example CRS line in job_queue_sysin
Air Force Courses - P CRSAIRF       201401AF-/0101-0006    0100P
Army Courses - P CRSARMY       201401AR-/0101-0002    0100P
Army Enlisted E1-E4 L10 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/11B-006     0100L10
Army Enlisted E5 L20 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/11C-005     0100L20 
Army Enlisted E6 L30 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/11Z-003     0100L30
Army Enlisted E7 L40 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/12Z-004     0100L40
Army Enlisted E8-E9 L50 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/12B-005     0100L50
Army Enlisted Warrent Officer 1 W1 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/14Z-002     0100W1 
Army Enlisted Chief Warrant Officer 2 W2 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/14S-003     0100W2
Army Enlisted Chief Warrant Officer 3 W3 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/15J-005     0100W3
Army Enlisted Chief Warrant Officer 4 W4 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/15N-002     0100W4
Army Enlisted Chief Warrant Officer 5 W5 CRSAREN       201401MOS-/15T-002     0100W5
Coast Guard Aviator Default P CRSCGAV       201401CGA-/C130-006    0100P 
Coast Guard Courses - P CRSCOGU       201401CG-/0326-0001    0100P   
Coast Guard Enlisted E-1 E1 CRSCGEN       201401CGR-/AET-001     0100E1  
Coast Guard Enlisted E-2 E2 CRSCGEN       201401CGR-/AMT-002     0100E2  
Coast Guard Enlisted E-3 E3 CRSCGEN       201401CGR-/AN-001      0100E3 
Coast Guard Enlisted E-4 E4 CRSCGEN       201401CGR-/BM-005      0100E4  
Coast Guard Enlisted E-5 E5 CRSCGEN       201401CGR-/DC-003      0100E5  
Coast Guard Enlisted E-6 E6 CRSCGEN       201401CGR-/FS-002      0100E6  
Coast Guard Enlisted E-7 E7 CRSCGEN       201401CGR-/ME-001      0100E7
Coast Guard Enlisted E-8 E8 CRSCGEN       201401CGR-/PA-004      0100E8  
Coast Guard Enlisted E-9 E9 CRSCGEN       201401CGR-/MK-003      0100E9  
Coast Guard Warrant USN Warrant Officer 1 W1 CRSCGWA       201401CGW-/AVI-003     0100W1  
Coast Guard Warrant USN Chief Warrant Officer 2 W2 CRSCGWA       201401CGW-/BOSN-003    0100W2
Coast Guard Warrant USN Chief Warrant Officer 3 W3 CRSCGWA       201401CGW-/ELC-003     0100W3  
Coast Guard Warrant USN Chief Warrant Officer 4 W4 CRSCGWA       201401CGW-/ENG-003     0100W4  
Coast Guard Warrant USN Chief Warrant Officer 5 W5 CRSCGWA       201401CGW-/INF-003     0100W5  
Department of Defense Courses - P CRSDODE       201401DD-/0326-0006    0100P   
Marine Corps Courses - P CRSMRNE       201401MC-/0326-0002    0100P   
Marine Corps Enlisted E-1 E1 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0161-001    0100E1  
Marine Corps Enlisted E-2 E2 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0193-001    0100E2  
Marine Corps Enlisted E-3 E3 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0211-001    0100E3 
Marine Corps Enlisted E-4 E4 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0212-001    0100E4 
Marine Corps Enlisted E-5 E5 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0231-001    0100E5 
Marine Corps Enlisted E-6 E6 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0261-001    0100E6
Marine Corps Enlisted E-7 E7 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0291-001    0100E7 
Marine Corps Enlisted E-8 E8 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0491-002    0100E8
Marine Corps Enlisted E-9 E9 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0451-001    0100E9  
Marine Corps Enlisted Level I L1 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/1142-001    0100L1  
Marine Corps Enlisted Level II L2 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/0689-001    0100L2
Marine Corps Enlisted Level III L3 CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/1141-001    0100L3  
Marine Corps Enlisted Level IV LV CRSMCEN       201401MCE-/1171-001    0100LV  
Marine Corps Officer O-1 O1 CRSMCOF       201702MCO-/4430-001    0100O1  
Marine Corps Officer O-2 O2 CRSMCOF       201602MCO-/6004-001    0100O2  
Marine Corps Officer O-3 O3 CRSMCOF       201502MCO-/4430-001    0100O3  
Marine Corps Officer O-4 O4 CRSMCOF       201402MCO-/4430-001    0100O4  
Marine Corps Officer O-5 O5 CRSMCOF       201302MCO-/4430-001    0100O5  
Navy Courses - P CRSNAVY       201401NV-/0101-0001    0100P   
Navy Enlisted E-1 E1 CRSNAEN       201401NER-/AB-003      0100E1  
Navy Enlisted E-2 E2 CRSNAEN       201401NER-/ABE-004     0100E2  
Navy Enlisted E-3 E3 CRSNAEN       201401NER-/ABF-004     0100E3  
Navy Enlisted E-4 E4 CRSNAEN       201401NER-/ABH-004     0100E4  
Navy Enlisted E-5 E5 CRSNAEN       201401NER-/AC-004      0100E5
Navy Enlisted E-6 E6 CRSNAEN       201401NER-/AE-005      0100E6
Navy Enlisted E-7 E7 CRSNAEN       201401NER-/AM-006      0100E7
Navy Enlisted E-8 E8 CRSNAEN       201401NER-/AN-004      0100E8  
Navy Enlisted E-9 E9 CRSNAEN       201401NER-/AWS-001     0100E9  
Navy Enlisted Certification Default P CRSNECE       201401CER-/MTM-001     0100P
Navy Enlisted Classification Default P CRSNECL       201401NEC-/2813-001    0100P 
Navy Limited Duty O-1 O1 CRSNLDO       201401LDO-/611X-003    0100O1  
Navy Limited Duty O-2 O2 CRSNLDO       201401LDO-/612X-003    0100O2  
Navy Limited Duty O-3 O3 CRSNLDO       201401LDO-/613X-003    0100O3
Navy Limited Duty O-4 O4 CRSNLDO       201401LDO-/616X-004    0100O4  
Navy Limited Duty O-5 O-5 CRSNLDO       201401LDO-/653X-003    0100O5 
Navy Warrant USN Warrant Officer 1 W1 CRSNAWA       201401NWO-/711X-004    0100W1  
Navy Warrant USN Chief Warrant Officer 2 W2 CRSNAWA       201401NWO-/712X-004    0100W2
Navy Warrant USN Chief Warrant Officer 3 W3 CRSNAWA       201401NWO-/715X-003    0100W3  
Navy Warrant USN Chief Warrant Officer 4 W4 CRSNAWA       201401NWO-/717X-002    0100W4 
Navy Warrant USN Chief Warrant Officer 5 W5 CRSNAWA       201401NWO-/718X-003    0100W5
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