Upgrading From DARwin to uAchieve

Upgrading the Transferology Connector from DARwin to uAchieve is straightforward.

Transferology Connector Minimum Version for uAchieve

Check your Transferology Connector's version by viewing the contents of the version.properties file.

The minimum version for uAchieve is 4.3.9 built on or after Feb 7 2013.

If your Connector is older, please download and install the latest Connector from the Connector Downloads page.

Technical documentation for the Transferology Connector, including Connector Downloads, is still maintained in the Support Center at this time.

Transferology Connector DARwin to uAchieve Upgrade Steps

  1. Revise the daversion line in the cas4.properties to:

2. Add a uAchieve request handler so the correct audits are created for Transferology see the uAchieve daemonContext.xml section of the Transferology Connector's Install and Configure page.

3. Restart the application server or redeploy the Transferology Connector. 

Additional uAchieve upgrade Steps for schools using Lucene indexing

Schools using the Lucene indexing for default tables configuration have a few more steps but the specific steps depend on the Connector version.

Connector versions 4.4.1 and newer

Remove these lines from the cas4.properties file:

tcaLuceneFlag tcaLuceneDirectory tcaLuceneDirectorySwap tcaIndexerPassword

Restart the application server or redeploy the Transferology Connector.

Connectors prior to version 4.4.1

Check whether your cas4.properties file has the line:


If so, do the following:

  1. Revise the tcaLuceneFlag line in the cas4.properties to:

2. Restart the application server or redeploy the Transferology Connector. 

3. Follow the Manual Index Rebuild steps.

4. After the manual index rebuild is finished, follow the Manual Index Rebuild steps a second time. Two rebuilds are required to convert both the primary and secondary indexes to uAchieve.

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