Software Versioning

  1. Major Version
  2. Major Release
    1. Minor Release
      1. Maintenance Release
        1. Patch Release
    2. Issue Types
      1. 1- Bug
      2. 2- Enhancement
      3. 3- New Feature

CollegeSource software products are released with regular frequency into versions and releases, depending upon the types of changes and improvements implemented:

Major Version

Example: 4.0, 5.0 (increased integer part of number)

Frequency: 4-5 years or more

    1. Major architecture change
    2. Significant new functionality
    3. Significant enhancements to existing functionality
    4. Significant UI (front end) changes
    5. New database objects and enhancements
    6. Updated third-party libraries

Major Release

Example: 4.2 (has one decimal)

Frequency: 18-24 months

    1. Significant enhancements to existing functionality
    2. May contain significant new functionality
    3. May contain significant UI (front end) changes
    4. Likely contains database object enhancements
    5. May contain updated third-party libraries

Minor Release

AKA point release

Example: 4.2.1 (has two decimals)

Frequency: 4-6 months

    1. Minor enhancements
    2. Bug fixes
    3. May contain minor, optional database changes
      1. (i.e., trigger updates, new database objects for optional features)

Maintenance Release

Example: (has three or more decimals)

Frequency: unscheduled, as needed

    1. Bug fixes
    2. May contain minor enhancements.
    3. May address security issues
    4. Usually does not contain new features or content
    5. Usually does not contain database changes
Patch Release

Example: or 4.2.1-PATCH1 (has four or more decimals OR contains "PATCH" in version)

Frequency: unscheduled, 'emergency' release

    1. Bug fixes
    2. May address security issues
    3. Usually does not contain new features or content
    4. Usually does not contain database changes
    5. Usually not fully tested (i.e., not run through entire QA testing cycle)

Issue Types

The following issue types addressed in a version or release are listed below in order of high-to-low priority:

1- Bug

  • First priority
  • Report that the product is not working as designed
Epics are containers for large enhancements or new features that are so large that they need to be broken up into smaller, more manageable parts.

2- Enhancement

  • Second priority
  • Request to change or add to how the product currently works

3- New Feature

  • Low priority
  • Request a completely new feature or area be added to the current product
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