User Rights and Permissions

Users at your institution may be assigned to a single role, or multiple if desired. The user role/s assigned dictate the level of access and functional control that your staff member has within the application. Only School Administrators can assign roles.

There are seven distinct user roles in the Transferology Lab:

  1. School Admin
  2. Program Admin
  3. TES Evaluator
  4. Transfer Pathway Admin
  5. Transfer Specialist
  6. Advisor
  7. Recruiter

All users have access to the following areas/functionalities:

  • Equivalencies (Transfer and Replacement Course)
  • Course Bundles
  • Programs
  • Program Pathways 
  • TES Evaluations
  • Promote Your School
  • Statistics Reports-Student
  • Statistics Reports-Lab 
  • My Profile

Additionally, there are specific areas users can access based on their assigned role. This chart is available inside the Lab, on the user management screen.