User Rights and Permissions

User roles control access to the features in Transferology® Lab. Institutions' Transferology Lab School Administrator(s) assigns the appropriate role (or roles) to each staff member, faculty member, or advisor. This article will overview the current user roles and help institutions determine which are suitable for their campus' needs. 

User Roles

User roles are managed through the Users tab within Transferology Lab:

There are seven roles available: 

  1. Recruiter
  2. Advisor
  3. Transfer Specialist
  4. School Admin
  5. Program Admin
  6. TES Evaluator
  7. Transfer Pathway Admin

All user roles will have access to the following areas/functionalities in Transferology Lab:

  • Within Advising & Recruiting:
    • Transfer Equivalencies
    • Replacement Courses
    • Course Bundles
    • Programs
    • Program Pathways 
  • Within Rule Management:
    • TES Evaluations
  • Within School Profile:
    • Promote Your School
    • Statistics Reports
      • Student
      • Lab
  • My Profile

Additionally, there are specific areas users can access based on assigned role(s). The below chart provides an overview of what permissions are required to access each. 

To view this chart in Transferology Lab:

  1. Navigate to the Users tab.
  2. Select See Role Permissions.

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