School Lookup

Transferology Lab's School Lookup provides a way for you to search for a college's identification codes via keyword(s). If your institution's equivalencies come from DARwin or uAchieve, you may wish to use this tool as a means to verify the identification code of a school when creating new institutional reference and transfer articulation tables. Using one of the recognized codes helps better ensure that transfer equivalencies will display in Transferology. If institutional information is unavailable in the School Lookup, select Request New School to ask that it be added.

To navigate to the School Lookup:

1. Go to the Rule Management Menu.

2. Select School Lookup.

School Lookup

To search for a school's identification codes:

1. In the School name textbox, enter the institution name, or keywords from the name.

For example, if searching for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, you could enter "Stevens Point":

2. Hint the Enter key or select Search.

3. If the institution cannot be found based on the keywords entered, an error message will pop up indicating that zero results were found.

  • If this happens, try broadening your keyword search.

4.  If the institution is found, the following information will be reported (if available).

Field Description
State State in which the school resides
Name Name of the school
City City in which the school resides
Country Code Country in which the school resides
Primary FICE FICE Code - Primary
Secondary FICE FICE Code - Secondary
OPEID Office of Postsecondary Education Code
CEEB College Entrance Examination Board Code

The below provides examples of what you might see for a particular institution. The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point's State, Name, City, Country Code, IPEDSID, Primary FICE, ACT, ATP, OPEID, and CEEB code appear in the noted fields. A Secondary FICE is not listed.

5. If you are interested in viewing the school's Transferology profile, click on their name:

Request New School

If no matches are returned, you may request the institution be added to Transferology. 

In the below example, our query did not return results for CollegeSource Community College. We tried broadening our keyword search by searching for "CollegeSource" alone but still couldn't find the institution.

To request an institution be added:

1. Select Request New School under the blue Search button.

2. The Add School Request page will appear. 

Here, you are prompted enter information about the institution. 

There are three tabs to choose from, based on the school's location:

  • United States (default)
  • Canada
  • International

Select the tab at the top that best designates the general geographic location of the school you wish to request.

3. Enter the school's information in the fields. 

  • Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

The input fields displayed change according to the tab selected above. With the selection of the default tab (United States), input fields include the following:

Field Name Description
School Name* Complete name of the school
Address* Mailing address for the school
City* City in which the school resides
State* State in which the school resides
Zip Code* Zip code in which the school resides

4. Select Submit.

CollegeSource will review the request, and reach out to you once the institution has been added.

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